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  1. hey guys,

    havent been here in a long time. been busy rennovating my house.

    anyways im back to work on my controller. i've decided to keep things simple, and the reason being is because a friend of my gf owns about 40K in machine shop equipment so i am able to finally experiment with my front panel. i decided i am going to make things simple, use the mixer briefly for a few gigs, and see what is missing before i add more buttons, lights, etc.

    here is the panel cut. this weekend i wll be cutting the holes for the knobs.


    hi res image here


    if u cant see the image visit my blog www.jamiea.ca

    FYI, the front panel is made from aluminum. I picked up a piece of aluminum maybe 60" x 25" at a local metal shop for about $20 CDN. So essentiall i can build two front panels from the piece of aluminum i purchased! yippee!

  2. so my futurlec order arrived today. the knobs look great for the price. i will post some pics of them later. the only problem with the knobs is that on the website it states they fit a 1/4" shaft, but they do not fit any of the 1/4" pots i have. so now i am emailing futurlec to find the problem.

    so it roughly took 7 business days to arrive. and the shipping was from taiwan.


  3. i do have a mini-itx system but it would not fit the computer AND midibox.

    i want a desktop (ie: non-tower) chassis that will likely gold a u-ATX mobo and also host the midibox parts.

    i want a slim design so it likely wont have a 5.25" drive bay. instead i probably will take the top of the desktop case and fabricate some additional siding to host the midibox parts AND the front panel. this way my midibox mixer is just forged to the top of the case.


  4. Do you have an update on this? I tried going with Digi-key but their online search makes it impossible to find 220oohm or 10kohm resistors. After a while I just sent the list of what I wanted and they did not bother to find the TWO resistors I wanted. Plus their resistors etc seem to cost about double compared to Mouser. I think I'm stuck with either Future Elec. or Mouser. But then again if it's taking that long for you to receive it from Future, I might want to just go get reamed by Mouser anyhow.

    sorry i've been out of the province and am on vacation. i am home now and still havent received anything yet. im hoping the order will arrive thursday or friday.

    if you are a canadian resident do NOT order from mouser unless you are doing a big order. i ordered a $7 ALPS resistor from mouser and the shipping was $21, and then the broker fee was another $20. so basically i bought a $50 resistor. problem is that mouser charges flat rate shipping and UPS also scams you with broker fees.


  5. Wondering if anyone has used computer cases for their midibox?

    Ideally I want to integrate my midibox and computer and have it as one unit.

    Preferably a slim case that I can also mount the midibox parts inside.

    Any suggestions?

  6. When did you place the order?

    Did you pay for shipping at all, or was there merely a discount?

    dont remember the exact day. maybe a week ago. i dont remember the specifics. i will get back to you once the order has arrived.

  7. Wow, where ? i live near Montréal on the South shore (St-Hyacinthe).

    Aluminum cost more for sure. I need your DXF.


    i live in halifax, however i wish i lived in montreal.

    i really don't care if its aluminum or steel, as long as its sturdy and is cut properly and i can get in black thats all i care.


  8. There are people on this forum that offered doing this - just search around a bit.

    You could setup a file printer (any printer, check "print to file" option) and convert the .ps to .dxf using ps2dxf.exe that is available on the net somewhere.

    yeah i seen the fpd -> pdf -> dxf, but i was worried that it would not retain the depth/thickness information.

  9. so here is the initial layout of the front panel. still needs some work and more exact measurements

    I am building a midi controller for ableton. mainly for Djing.

    It will contain the following

    6 channels

      - volume

      - 3 eqs + kill

      - 3 assignable effects + on/off

      - channel select


      - volume

      - 3 eqs + kill

      - 2 assignable effects + on/off

      - master select


    Tempo control

    Mackie Navigation

      - up, down, left, right

      - play clip/scene

    40x2 character LCD (red)

    Built in sound card (likely Motu traveller)


  10. not sure if this is the correct place to post this.

    I have my front panel designed in .fpd format. I need to convert it to .dxf

    front panel express offers a plugin to do the conversion however i am cheap. would anyone here who has the filter be able to do the conversion for me?



  11. Jamie: You broke one of my studio rules - no drinks without lids. One day you'll knock one of those glasses/cans over and you'll know why I have that rule

    i usually keep them on another table. the empties go onto the studio table ;)