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  1. Très chic! I've played a lot with Xfer's Cthulu, a real arpeggiator in HW would be awesome. Is there a way to get some boards / case to build one?
  2. Ready in November I hear? I happen to have 3 weeks holiday just in this month coincidentally
  3. This is fantastic! The case is often the point when a build goes in the backlog boxes, at least for me. This looks amazing, will be fun to build (and play). sign me up
  4. rosch


    you mean the MAX525 Aout? I bought 2 boards yesterday from Mike, but that's the other side of the pond.
  5. yeah the waldorf knobs are gone. but DIN/DOUT still there!
  6. Damn, sorry guys, I've missed your posts. I only got notification for PM's, quite a surprise! well, the LED boards have both been sold and shipped today. 512er bankstick chips are gone too. LPC17 and 2x Aout (yes it's for Max525) are spoken for. The rest is still up for grabs. If you guys are interested in the rest please just shoot me a PM, i get that immediately on my phone and it's reserved! Thanks for your interest! cheers
  7. If you like to buy more, we can make prices even cooler, but should be low anyway. Prices without shipping and paypal. If you feel like you would buy more DIN/DOUT boards if they were cheaper let me know, I basically like to get rid of my backlog, that's all. 1x MB diode matrix board, normal price, i bought it accidentally. 1x GM5 board + GM5 IC 10€ 8x DIN boards assembled but check before powering. They have been in the box some time. the ones without ICs have the bypass caps soldered, the ones with ICs on board don't have them yet 5€ each, as is 8x DOUT boards assembled but che
  8. like he said you need 9V DC for the 8580, instead of 12V for the 6581 i don't know how the sammich is built in detail, so you might need to change a 7812 to 7809. the 8580 needs different filter caps (2 for each SID) you'll find the exact values here
  9. my band mate is expecting very much from this device and keeps talking me into buying it http://www.beis.de/ however i have no clue about pc and audio, so what do others think about it?
  10. just get any 8580,it's just the same thing just cheaper and you can be sure that it's true when they say they are used which you couldn't be sure about when they are said to be NOS since after Wilba's megasales.
  11. hi, and welcome! yeah you basically need only the core nd sid modules to hear something. if you want to use an OPL3 you'll need another core, but you can have 2 sids (a stereo pair) controlled by one core with the V2 firmware. the newest firmware is posted on the ucapps page. of course it would make life easier if you already have a display and the minimal control surface (which requires 1 1/2 DINx4 with 1 encoder and 5 or 6 switches) i think all of the modules would be easy enough to do on pad per hole boards but i've never tried personally. about midi keyboard, i'm not sure what's
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