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  1. Amiga PSU

    This is great! I'll go pick me up an Amiga PSU then!
  2. Mmmmm, dreaming of Sammich's

  3. [Midibox AY 3 8912... ]

    Huh, that's interesting nILS.  I might finally be able to jump on this bandwagon because I got a job!  :)
  4. sammichSID Prototype

    What kind of time frame should we be looking at for the various batches?  It'd be helpful to know by what time I should have the money scrapped up.  :)
  5. I'm fairly certain I heard that graphical LCD's were supported by MIOS... but you sound like you know what your talking about.  A C64 keyboard has been utilized in a few projects on the user project wiki, check them out.
  6. 40x2 Green-on-Black Optrex Displays - ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS

    I should pick this up.... I might order one soon then!  :)
  7. sammichSID Prototype

    Fantastic! E-mailing shortly...
  8. sammichSID Prototype

    Yes!  I'll be ordering a kit for sure!  2 Q's though...  will the case source files be available if we wanted to order our own special color?  and will this be compatible with upgrading it with the possible Core32 options that have been discussed.  Really excited!  :)
  9. MBFM> Changing EG5 into ADSR; Arpeggiator

    Couldn't some of this be answered with a Core32?  ;)
  10. Scratch wheel

    Hey hey hey, core32 is out.  ;) ;)  I've been looking for something for a while to standalone DJ my Nintendos...
  11. The Quest of My Midibox FM

    Sweet, keep me updated!  I only need the PIC now for the core so I'll have to order some stuff from smash soon.
  12. The Quest of My Midibox FM

    So I'll use this thread to document the building of my Midibox FM.  My plans are to have a full blown FM with integrated USB support, AOUT, and built in filters.  :o  Currently I got the chips from Wilbas bulk order, and I'll use my ultracore as the base.  I'm in the process of soldering up my core, and I have to buy my OPL3 board and other stuff.  I'm sure I'll have questions so help would be appreciated...  ;)
  13. Hmmmm I actually like the way it sounds... :-[  maybe it could be implemented as a sort of bitcrusher?
  14. SwinSID questions

    My bad! Imagine a monster SID with 8 SIDS and 8 SwinSID's!