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  1. Wood-effect!

    Cheers for the nice comments! The midi runs from the midibox to arkaos VJ (and there my responsibility ends). Maybe I'll have some videos to show when it's all up and running... will keep you posted...  :)
  2. Wood-effect!

    Hi, hope I'm posting in the right forum here... Just wanted to share my latest finished midibox design. It's a simple DIN + Core to be used in a theatre. Each ethernet socket supports 4 DIN and they'll be wired to an arrangement of light switches as input. And gratuitous use of wood-effect vinyl, of course... The casing is an old D-Link ethernet router, cannibalised for its ports. Hacksawing straight through the original PCB was fun... :) Many thanks to the useful advice here on this forum - what a fantastic community! And to Mike's Midishop's great service when the core boards were in short supply.
  3. Dinx4 - unnecessary bridge?

    Ah yes, now I notice that the routing between IC3 and IC4 is done as I imagine between IC2 and IC3 should be... Something for V3, maybe...  ;)
  4. Sometimes the obvious answer is the right one!  :) :)
  5. Hi again, Hope I'm in the right forum again - did a quick search for this, but didn't find anything... Am currently assembling a DINx4 module and noticed that a bridge jumper is included to go from IC2 pin 10 to IC3 pin 9. But if I look on the underside of my pcb there's nothing in the way to prevent just a track being laid directly. So I'm just wondering why this bridge is necessary? Cheers!
  6. Not sure if I'm in the right forum page here, and a search didn't show that this has been posted before, so... I just upgraded Eagle to the latest version 5.4.0 and while the brd files for the PIC and STM core boards open fine, I get an error when trying to open the brd files for ain, din and dout. Error from Eagle is: Anyone else seeing the same problem?
  7. Max length of DIN cables?

    LOL  :) :) Cheers - that's the info I wanted. Will be placing my order for new core and dinx4 kits this afternoon! Thanks again!
  8. Hi all, I had a search on the forum and read: http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php/topic,13095.0.html http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php/topic,13094.0.html http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php/topic,6570.0.html ...but I'm still unsure. Basically, I'm making a quick little project with just Core and a DINx4. The Core and DINx4 box will be right next to each other. But the switches used as input for the DINx4 will be 10m away from the DINx4 PCB. I'm planning to use CAT 5 cable with 4 signal/earth pairs per cable between the switches and the DINx4. What's the maximum length I can get away with reliably? Is there a calculation I can do or is it too dependent on cable quality, etc? Thanks in advance for any advice...
  9. Question on the MB64E groups

    Hi, I just wrote something similar in another Waldorf controller thread. This looks like another interesting project! But as in the other thread, my devil's advocate question is: do you really want to reduce the number of encoders? Playing round with my Waldorf synth mapped to a commercial midi controller, and also thinking about building a dedicated midibox control for it, I would be thinking about giving as many of the parameters as possible their own dedicated knob/button. It means more knobs = more cost, but I recommend thinking about the extra usability it will bring. Just an idea! Feel free to ignore completely!  ;D
  10. The forum game

  11. Hi Alexander - in another thread I had the same question regarding the skeleton code. Yes, it's been moved to the mios base package.
  12. Just to close this thread: all the new info is in http://www.midibox.org/forum/index.php/topic,11882.0.html and it works beautifully!
  13. MIOS programming platform released

    Absolutely brilliant - many thanks!
  14. Upgraded to gpasm 013.6 beta and just now managed to successfully compile my first asm application. Lovely. I owe you all a beer each for your great help! Cheers!
  15. Cheers guys. I'm running gpasm-0.13.3 beta, so I guess I should upgrade. I'm also checking everything in the link you posted Thorsten - thanks for the pointer. That'll keep me quiet for a while...  :)