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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    HI, I was wondering if this function would be possible, to be able to have the different drum tracks displayed at the same time on the 16x4 BLM. This would make it possible to see and edit BD, SD and HiHats side by side and would be great a great addition. Best Frank
  2. Hi, is it possible to assign a button for the euclidean generator page using the HW file? Best Frank
  3. Windows 10 and the default software of the PICKit. I'll check the configuration I used and write back.
  4. Hi, the PICKit2 works, I have used a chinese version I got for under 20$  and had no problem. I couldn't find an easy way to change the ID's (but there is a way) but had no problem changing the ID's afterwards with the MIOS tool. Best FC
  5. Pre-programmed PIC18F4685

    Hi, thanks! but I already bought a  pickit 3 to program my PIC's. So if someone needs pre-programmed PIC's in South America give me a shout. Best Frank  
  6. Help troubelshooting button matrix please

    Thanks for the info! It seems the optional sinking transistors aren't that optional. I put them in (used BC337) and now all works. Cheers FC
  7. Hi, I'm finishing my MB-6582 and can't find where I messed up. Encoders work, LEDs work, buttons work but don't do what they should do. Third bottom button for example makes third horizontal LED line blink, and LED's go on and of everywhere every time I push a button (LCD menu also changes) Encoders work fine. With the matrix test every LED lights up except the Control Env LED. When I push buttons nothing happens en the LCD. No shorts on the U20, 5V on the pins coming from JD5 and 10kOhm to 5V on every pin. I have not used the BC547 transistors and have bridged across. But that should work, right? Will be great full for any insights! Cheers FC
  8. Pre-programmed PIC18F4685

    Hi, I'm want to buy 4 pre-programmed PIC18F4685  for my new SID synth. Is there still any place online or anyone in the community interested in selling? Best Frank
  9. New seq4 ready!

    Thanks! ABS 3d printed from Thingiverse Here  
  10. New seq4 ready!

    After some years I made a new seq! We had a gig coming in 3 weeks and my first reaction was to buy a sequencer None had the features I needed, so I decided to build it again. Here it is. Thanks Thorsten!  
  11. Using J10A input

    Hi, I'm trying to setup J10A D0 as a tap tempo input but I'm not sure how to declare this input in the configuration  file. Any hints are welcome. Best, Frank
  12. SEQv4[B]

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a SEQv4 with or without case! (mine got stolen ) Best Frank
  13. Remote BPM?

    I have edited the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file to activate the midi remote with a CC. I'm sending the CC and note with the FCB to the SEQ4 and in some of my sessions it is working, but in others not! Is there something I'm missing? Best FC
  14. Remote BPM?

    Wasn't aware of the possibility to use a cc for the remote functions trough the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file configurations. Thanks for the tip!!! (I could use the analog switches for tap) Would be nice anyway to tap with a midi note. Best FC
  15. Remote BPM?

    Yes, that would also work! I already have transport pedals assigned to the FCB at the remote location where I play another instrument. (I'm using the FCB analog switches because for the midi remote you need to send two notes and the FCB can send only one, and have no more left for the tap) So yes, a note on a specific channel for tap tempo would be ideal.