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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    apologies i was away from the studio for a week. STM32 is the core i'm using.
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    i've run into a few hard crashes on the latest pre2 beta while trying to 'save as' while the mb is running. can anyone reproduce this? it happens about 50% of the time it seems. midi output freezes as well as all notes hang.
  3. Hello, I'm selling an amazing Midibox Seq V4L that was built by Altitude909. I simply haven't been using it enough. $350+ship is what I bought it for. $315+ship is what it will be sold for. Additional pictures of it are here: http://vascaudio.com/v4l/ Thanks, -nick
  4. transposition issue - G#

    that fixed it! thank you.
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    there is a bug in Transpose that can be reproduced by setting force to scale to Arabian for a track and hitting G# or A# in the Transposition menu. verified on two machines in 4.091 and the latest beta.
  6. I'm hoping someone else can reproduce what seems like an issue with transposition. If you are using force to scale and select any scale containing a G#, whenever you hit the button for G# on the right screen to transpose, it only cycles down through the octaves for me. Every other note seems to transpose correctly. I can hit G# endlessly and it will just cycle the selected octave on the left screen down to the lowest octave then it starts over at the top. I can reproduce this on 4.091 and the latest v8 beta. Maybe i'm misunderstanding something or have a hardware issue? Thanks.
  7. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    that's a great idea. would love this capability.
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    edit: something weird is going on with selecting ALL on the note layer in the latest release. i have to enable ALL mode 4 times to get it to work correctly. it seems to get stuck on 'ramp' mode.   edit2: nope again. the change in 4.074 explains it. data wheel was set to select step. my bad.
  9. name not valid

    interesting. i was running into this issue on the last beta before the latest official release. i couldn't save as with even the letter "A". it would fail the name 'validation' step every time with that message. after i upgraded to the latest, i haven't been able to reproduce the problem. try this, when you are trying to save as, select a letter and go to a new space for a new character, and then turn it's encoder one time (you'll see a weird little solid arrow character). now try and hit save with only that arrow char showing.
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    The latest beta that allows Record, Follow and Move to be set with the F keys is great and has been a huge help. I had one feature request that I couldn't find using search: Would it be possible to move a step forward and backward by ticks when a modifier button is used (like 'select' or 'fast')  and only when Move step is enabled? So really it would just be another state of that Move mode. There are a few other requests for "micro-shifting" like that, and I know the Delay layer is already there for shifting forward in time, but it seemed like an appropriate place to allow that functionality. in the display, Step would change to Tick (and the Tick value).
  11. Midibox Seq4 clock performance

    Yes there are many ways to configure it. I came from the same spot as you. The OT was my main midi sequencer for some time until my mbseq was built. It works alright as you know but the 'split' nature of the machine was annoying, especially in a live context. Now that the OT doesn't send midi notes, it's more fun to just have it in the sample screens all the time.   To give an example of my live setup, mbseq output 1 is dedicated to the access virus. Virus receives clock and notes. mbseq midi input 1 is getting notes from a midi keyboard (bs2). mbseq output 2 is sending clock (and sometimes notes as mentioned above) to the elektron rytm and the rytm passes clock to the roland tr8. In a live context, the mbseq output2 sends only clock and not notes. That notes on output2 are only sent when i'm preparing material in the studio and that way I can keep only clock data on that chain as the tr8 takes one midi thru latency "hit". But there is no noticeable latency on the tr8 whatsoever. When you hit stop/start on the mbseq it's all just dead in line. Best setup I've ever had in many regards.  
  12. Midibox Seq4 clock performance

    there is no disadvantage. use both :smile:   the mbseq clock seems exceptionally tight to me. i use mine to send clock to the octatrack and rytm. i also point mbseq midi channels to the rytm to get around it's currently very flawed realtime retrigger implementation. i do this by using the mbseq pattern seq hooked up to a midi keyboard. the rytm dedicates a midi channel to each of it's tracks because each track is able to be played chromatically by default. once you hear something you like, simply enable recording on the rytm sequencer and it's all captured in the rytm and ready to go. this allows for things i would never program on the rytm by itself.   to me this is the best of both worlds and you can of course freely program parameter locks on any of those machines while clocked. beware that the 'direct jump' pattern change method on the rytm is currently also problematic right now and can lose sync or simply disregard the jump and change at the end of the pattern. that's not acceptable in a live context so i've simply gone back to the setting up the rytm so that it switches at the end of patterns.   edit: to bn99,the mbseq will happily sync a few elektrons for hours and hours.
  13. Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

    Could someone please add me as well? Thank you! I've been wanting one of these since I built my sammichSID.
  14. Wilba controls mixed up

    i ran into a somewhat similar issues a few weeks back w/ my new seq4. i would try another SD card, formatted freshly to fat/fat32 w/ the config file. mine was not showing an error on the mb during load but the sd card itself was corrupted when checking via a computer.
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I've only had my mbseq for a couple of weeks now but I'm amazingly impressed. I'm loving the workflow(s) I'm finding already and it seems a more capable live sequencer than anything I've used before.   One feature i think might be very useful is something implemented on the newer Elektrons. it would be great if you could hold a step down (in Step Edit) and use the Rewind/FFWD buttons to shift/delay that held step in time forward/backward. Those buttons shift Step View when not in Song mode, but I think it would be useful to have a held step override that assignment if possible. The Delay layer is awesome but I'm very accustomed to this immediate kind of in-pattern shifting of note position.   Thanks.   edit: I just realized this would probably be dependent on having a Delay layer and could cause issues in some track setups.