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  1. Thanks for the thoughts, everyone! I think maybe some of you thought I'm trying to get the DOUT module to respond to midi velocity. I was really just trying to verify that the MIDI128 code is written such that the output is active anytime the received MIDI velocity is anything other than zero. In other words, velocity = 0: output off, velocity = 1 to 127 = output on. You are right.... the harpsichord doesn't really have dynamics, so it's very well suited to the midi128 design. I suppose I could somehow actuate the lute stop rail, but all it really does is slightly change the tonality of th
  2. Hello everyone I'm just now working on midifying my old Zuckerman harpsichord with the midio128. So far, I have a working core and will be building up the DOUT modules soon. I have a couple of questions. Do I need to do anything with the DIN port; pull ups or pull downs on the serial data input?... or are they internally pulled high or low by the PIC? Also, will the output of the DOUT change state on ANY velocity greater than 0? I have lots of midi files which play with variable velocities throughout, as most of you do too. So am I correct to say that note off = velocity 0 and note on = any v
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