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  1. Fixed! forgot an optocoupler ;] -ajax
  2. Is it possible? I had it figured out awhile ago so that I could record the CCs that my SIDv2 makes when I use the knobs, then loop it back into the SID along with the original notes, but since I've upgraded my setup I haven't been able to reproduce the same effect. I've tried going the midi-through route with looping the CCs into the original "commander" keyboard, but it doesn't have midi-thru :/ I'd do it with a computer but I'm trying to get away from using a DAW, any help is appreciated :D -Ajax
  3. what sids do you have? i'd be interested in some 8580s :D -ajax
  4. @ matrix12x: no they are not, you still have to do the mirroring yourself, also if your going to use an LPC then you have to drill your own mounting holes for it, which isn't hard, but requires at the very least a hand drill. -ajax
  5. the hell are you doing with all those synths? i want to hear some demo work :D i just finished my seqv4 and love using it with my SID v2 :] -ajax
  6. have a link? they look very nice :] how do you have them programmed in?
  7. +1 for building your own, but if you really don't think you have the time or energy to build one yourself let me know, may be able to work out building you one... for a fee ;] SID love <3 -Ajax
  8. @ Jb Development, this is the Control Surface PCB that has to be connected to a midibox LPC-core with a LPC. The LPC-core has a USB socket that most computers recognize as USB-MIDI so you have no need to have midi ports/cables if you don't want them. -Ajax
  9. interested and i live in southern oregon, let me know if it's available or not, would like to see it in real life :] -ajax
  10. it's okay tK, we all have lives outside of our tinkering :] thank you for the help you have given and designing this robust system :] i shall research and tinker some more -ajax
  11. I edited out the J5_IO_Init for DEFAULT_J5_FUNCTION == 4, but i also edited the button macro and the encoder macro at the begining of the tables in setup_8580.asm. I did this to try to assign buttons to SR 0 (J5), but I do not know if I failed or not (i'm not so good with registers and such). -ajax edit2: i thought that if you send 1 to J5_IO_Init then it will setup J5_IO as an input, as opposed to sending it 0 which will set it up as an output edit: also, doesn't it call j5_io* in j5_din? do I need to disable this? this was in j5_din.inc: ;; initialize J5 via J5_IO driv
  12. thanks for being awesome tK :] so here what's going on in the source: I added the j5_din.inc and tried calling all the neccesary functions in main.inc. also I setup the registers for the j5_din in app_defines. i'm still new to programming and have been practicing for a few weeks now, but I'm still a newb. -ajax midibox_sid_v2_041_ajax_edit.zip
  13. also, I have tried to implement it using the J5 DIN demo application, can't seem to figure out what is wrong with my implementation :( care to look through some source code? -ajax
  14. I just ran the SRIO test again, and it reads 0.1v when it should be 0v, and then 6v when it should be 5v. I checked the voltage when I ran the SID application too, and it reads 1.25v between VS and SC; and -4.38v between VD and SC, are these correct? I don't have a scope so I can't tell if the voltage is continuous or just refreshing at a rate that's too fast for my multimeter. I've essentially switched everything out in the project except the PIC, which leads me to believe it's the PIC. I've even redone the wiring multiple times and have used different DIN modules and Core modules. -ajax
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