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  1. AIN resistance - MotorFaders

    Hello everybody, I already done some Midiboxes like MIDIO128, ucapps based Edrum, ... Now I'm trying a hard one : the MotorFader module. The problem is that I need 60mm faders and not 100mm ones. I didn't found 60mm ALPS Motorfaders - 10kOhms (with touchsensor). I found some on the ALPS website (RS60N11M9A0E or RS60N11M9A0F) bur no reseller found on the Internet. Of somebody has a tip, I take :ahappy: Instead of 10kOhm, I found 60mm ones but in 5 or in 15 kOhms on Ebay. I saw that 10kOmh is better for analog in but what is going to happend if I use 5kOhm or 15kOhm MotorFaders ? Thanks in advance. Tophe.