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  1. LPC17 vs. STM32F4 based Core ?

    OK. Thank you for helping !
  2. LPC17 vs. STM32F4 based Core ?

    I'm using my seq V4 (with PIC core) live from quite some time. I think it's time for a core update, and I want some advice for choosing the core. As title says, based  on your experience with the cores, what core should I choose ? Thank you for your help.
  3. SEQ V4 and his mates (midibox gear)

    The blue box is Drone LAB V2 and the red one Jurgen Haible Krautock Phaser. I don't use them in this setup. You can find my music on the web
  4. SEQ V4 and his mates (midibox gear)

    Thank you mates :)
  5. I asked a lot of questions abut working with seq and never showed how the unit looks like.     This is the gear that I use with my band, nice lot of midiboxes :smile: , of course SEQ is the brain. I will explain them form top to bottom, left to right :   gear L : vocoder V256, ht 8950 voicechanger, 8x midi splitter, shruthi-1 analog vcf, shruthi-1 digital vcf, polivoks vcf, AVRX synthesizer, monomachine, midibox FM, midibox SID elctribe sx (for drum samples), SEQ V4, 4xD Delay, gakken SX-150   gear R : Ambika, Soundlab+AVR synth hybrid, Anushri, midibox Speakjet standard digital delay, Monowave OP-1    
  6. Note copy or Note memory ?

    I discovered how to use step (or steps) copy and paste them :), I wanted to know if something changed on updates and I missed it.
  7. Note copy or Note memory ?

    I know how to use ALL function. Also know how to set how many steps will be affected by all function. I want to set for example on a pattern of 128 steps : 30 steps one note, 60 steps other note etc. I know how to set them, but I wanted to know if there is a simple way.
  8. Note copy or Note memory ?

    I'm building patterns with a lot of identical notes for note length. Until now I set the notes manually for each step, which is a time consuming job. There is a way to copy the same note on the next step ? Or I can change the C3 note that is default when I activate step with another ? (change it easily on what note I want) Thnx!
  9. Song sync issue

    I'm working at live, but it was a hard process to transfer all my sequences from ableton live to midi and into seq. I hope I will play live in octomber-november. I have 6 songs on the web :
  10. Song sync issue

    It was my fault. I uploaded pre2 from mios32 downloads, not pre3 version. It works well. Thank you for your support.
  11. Song sync issue

    The error is still present with last version. Reset track don't function on first song only. I uploaded two audios with play after power on, stop and play again. Power on and play.mp3 After stop.mp3
  12. Song sync issue

    Now is more clear to me what's happening.   I have the following patterns : G1T1 drums length 32                                                G1T2 drums, G1T3 drums, G2T4 drums length 64                                                G2T1 bass lenght 64 (the rest of the track's dosen't matter, because you will understand the issue only with bass and drums)   First steps from song 1 : POS1 tempo bpm100 ramp0s                                        POS2 mixer map 1                                        POS3 mutes G1    G2    G3    G4                                                            oxxx  xxxx   xxxx   xxxx                                        POS4 x2       G1    G2     G3   G4                                                              A3      X       X      X                                       POS5  mutes G1    G2     G3   G4                                                            xoxo  oxxx   xxxx  xxxx                                        POS6  X16    G1    G2     G3   G4                                                              A3    A3     A3    A3   TRACK SYNC STEPS PER MEASURE 16 PATTERN CHANGE SYNC 16 PATTERN CHANGE SYNC - ENABLED RESTART ALL PATTERN ON PATTER CHANGE - ENABLED   The problem is like this : First time you play it is ok. But after all groups are present in the memory (or if you set to load A3 on all groups in pos4) and play again, tracks with 64 lenght will start to play muted with t1 lenght 32 unmuted. At pos6 instead of reseting pattern from the beginning the 64lenght patterns plays from step 33 to 64. At every step it will play in this order 33-64 1-33. (it will not reset from the beginning). I think this issue is only in first song. I didn't have this problem on previous releases. (4.080 )                                                
  13. Song sync issue

    I uploaded the firmware, and still changes the FM 4 times.
  14. Song sync issue

    I analyzed again the track step problem. I unplugged the midi in's and nothing changed. The problem is like this : After I press stop first time and play again : First step with notes is pos A2 with act x2 (witch is played well)                                                                     At pos A3 with act x16, seq it will play only 6 notes from the first measure, and after that the rest of 15 will be well played, but it will mess every change from position to position. (until the finish of live set)   If I play the live set without pressing stop it will be played correctly from start to finish. (all the songs).
  15. Song sync issue

    Track steps have the strange behaviour. It's the first song from the project. Second song messes up the FM.