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  1. I would still really like some help with this. I've actually been gigging with this box for several months now without everything working properly. It's great, but it's missing quite a bit of functionality. @TK, can you help me out?
  2. I've had my midibox nearly 100% complete for around 6 months now. There are two issues that are holding me back from finishing and using it. 1) I designed my controller to use all 64 buttons for sending MIDI. Unfortunately the first 8 buttons are menu buttons. I cannot figure out how to disable these in the assembly files or otherwise. 2) I have tried both of the hex files in the Midibox64E .zip file; one allows me to use encoders but not pots, the other allows me to use pots but not encoders. Once again, I cannot figure out what assembly flags to set to get the midibox working properly. If someone with more experience than I would explain what I need to do I would be most grateful. A .hex file would be even better. I am ready to use this thing, please help me complete it!
  3. I think I've done my homework...

    One final question before I have a fully functioning midibox. I need to turn off the menu buttons on my 64e so that they can be dedicated to midi. I read that this can be done but there was no indication of how. I went through the assembly setup file and found nothing, I'm assuming it's not hardcoded. I need someone's help please! This thing is very near completion and I've got a lot of mapping to do. The end is near! Everything is soldered and wired, the only thing left from a hardware standpoint is to finish mounting the components and boards. As soon as I've got it together I'll post the details of the build process and some pictures of the final product.
  4. AIN problem

    For muxed mode, do I want to specify both the muxed flag and the number of pots or just the muxed flag?
  5. I think I've done my homework...

    Good questions. Life got busy and the midibox which I invested a ridiculous amount of time and money in never got finished. It seems silly because it's absurdly close to being finished. I'm going to try my best to make time for it in the next little bit. I'll hopefully let you know your answers in a week or so.
  6. AIN problem

    Nope, didn't enable multiplexers. That would be part of my problem, but I can still test pots in unmuxed mode directly on the core without recompiling with this flag set, right? I want to make sure I'm wiring things up correctly before I add in the AIN module.
  7. AIN problem

    I think I've tried every possible wiring configuration, but I'm not getting any output from my pot(s). I've eliminated the AIN module and I'm trying to run a single pot off of j5a. I get no midi output, only resets when I cause a short. I've followed the diagrams here http://www.ucapps.de/mbhp/auaimbctg.pdf with no luck it seems. MIOS studio registers nothing on MIDI, except on resets. Are there any photographs of pots wired up to core revision r4d alone or w/ AIN r4? I'm making no progress. Running latest 64e app.
  8. I think I've done my homework...

    Perhaps my final question before completing this particular project: Regarding the AIN module, j7-j10 appear to be nothing more than redundant power pins. j1-j4 already have power pins, do they not? If I'm correct, what purpose do j7-j10 serve?
  9. I think I've done my homework...

    So the matrix is too complicated for the amount of time I've found myself with lately. I've managed to cut out 4 buttons from the controller which leaves me with exactly 64 (yes, I miscounted initially). My work on the box has slowed to a crawl, but I'm so close to being done with it that I'm shirking other responsibilities to try to get it finished up. Hopefully within a week or two it will be functional. Here's something to chew on in the meantime... While I was brainstorming a way to enable more than 64 buttons on the 64e it occurred to me that with a little tweaking of the app code any unused encoders can be used as buttons by only using one of the encoder's inputs. This simply requires an option to turn the resolution of the encoder to digital, ie 0 open, 127 closed. This would keep things inline with the sysex format I believe. If the 64e app was written in C I could probably fumble my way through doing this myself, but I've done so little assembly and it has been so long that I just don't understand what I'm looking at anymore (read: someone else would have to implement this). Does this feature sound feasible/useful to anyone else? I'll have new pics up soon of a hopefully finished midibox!
  10. Finished: Another Traktor Controller

    Very good looking. Where did you get the smaller black buttons? If I'm determining the scale correctly, they look very similar to the size of some that I'm using, only the contacts on mine stink.
  11. I think I've done my homework...

    Am I asking a really dumb question, does no one know the answer, or is it simply that no one cares? I'm on the verge of completing this project but I really need to figure out if I can implement more than 64 buttons or not. It looks like I can maybe use a few of my leftover encoder inputs as makeshift buttons (ie switch between values 126&127) but that's a hack and I'd prefer not to do it if theres a better way. If the answer is no, that is fine... I just need to know one way or the other. Input please! I want to finish this thing and put it to use!
  12. I think I've done my homework...

    EDIT: First problem fixed. Too late at night + too long staring at Midibox modules = mistakes. Funny how long I can puzzle over something and remain clueless, finally throw in the towel and seek help in online forums, and upon posting my question almost immediately realize the error of my ways. Maybe I should just type my question out in notepad whenever I'm stuck. However one problem remains- the one that has put the completion of my midibox on hold. I need to connect more than 64 buttons to this midibox. In the forums I'm told it's possible, in the documentation I'm told it's not. Tonight I figured I'd do some experimenting to try to figure it out on my own and here's what little I've come up with... Upon chaining my DINs together it appears that each module alternates between switch inputs and encoder inputs. Is there a way to change this?
  13. I think I've done my homework...

    Anyone have any input on the >64 button question for a 64e? I'm wiring stuff up right now. Everything is going smoothly, but if I need to cut buttons out of the equation I need to decide which ones they will be before I get too deeply into the wiring process.
  14. I think I've done my homework...

    I may have run into a problem. Before I got started with the faceplate design, I had asked in this thread if the DINs for a 64e could be used for 128 buttons, 64 encoders, or a combo adding up to a max of 128 digital inputs. I went forward with the notion that this was indeed true. However, according to the 64e tutorial: If I've counted correctly I've got 102 DINs in use. 32 are devoted to 16 encoders. That leaves 70 devoted towards buttons. If what I was originally told was correct, I'm fine and I may add 12 PCB mounted switches for menu controls to the big blank space between the encoders and the arcade buttons. If I'm wrong I'm going to have to trim out 6 buttons from the current design which will make me unhappy. Please let me know which statement is correct so I know how to proceed.
  15. I think I've done my homework...

    Good point. I'll see if I can find them. Sorry for the obvious questions, but being that this is my first time with this kind of stuff I just don't think of the simplest of answers. I can't wait to get this thing running!