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  1. Got mine yesterday, thanks TK!
  2. Waiting for a USBasp, my old trusty serial AVRISP seems a no go..

    1. jojjelito


      Must get me some dev tools. Is it good?

    2. lindeborg


      Worked two times, then died. Got the AVRISP working, as it turns out it's a version 2. You can get a genuine Atmel AVRISP for like $30 and that is what I would recommend, I just hate things that does not last. Sorry for the late answer...

  3. Spending the Saturday evening soldering SMD...

    1. jojjelito


      Nörd :) Är det en MIDIpal?

    2. lindeborg
  4. GM5x5x5 Acrylic Sandwich Panels

    Are these still available? Lindeborg
  5. And after installing the driver once more, same version same everything, on my music PC the interface works there as well... Only strange thing is that port1 comes up as "ww kabel 1", but I can live with that. Thanks a lot for the input! I'm off to build my MIDIpal...
  6. Oki, works on my netbook with XP SP3...
  7. Yes, I'm using the Ploytec driver. I'm running XP SP3 on the computer that I've tested on. Will check other PC with XP SP3 tonight. Any known problems with XP?
  8. All jumpers are closed... and I've got no eeprom installed.
  9. I've had a GM5x5x5 pcb and a GM5 laying around for some time but last spring I put the interface together. At first I had some issues with bad connections between the MIDI sockets and the chip but I think that is all sorted now. Problem is that although the interface installs and shows up in Windows XP (both in USBDeview and in computer management) no ports are available in any program. When I plug the interface in the main LED lights up all right and then goes out after a short time, just as I understand it should. When I connect a MIDI source to any of the inputs and the source sends MIDI messages both the main LED and the LED of that port lights up in sync with the messages. Any ideas of what might be wrong or what I should test next?