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  1. GLCD 1306 How to Make a New Font

    Thank you!! I had seen it in September 2017, but I had not realized I was talking about NG !! Tks !!!
  2. Hi all, I'm building a DJ MIDI controller. I'm trying to switch to NG, I studied a little, but I did not find anything on how to make new fonts. In the video I did some by the conventional method. How can I make a new font in the NG method? See the video, i can make this in NG (GLCD1306)? Tks, Marco.  
  3. HI,   I was having difficulty mapping the Traktor (Dj program), I had to test who would turn on the LEDs one by one, until I found C-1 instead of C-0.   Tks !!!
  4. Hi TK,   In midi-ox, it shows me C-1 with value 0x18 and in MIOS-Studio it shows me C-0 with a value of 0X18. Traktor C-1 has a value of 0X18. See attached photo.   Marco.
  5. xTaskCreate differ... Warning

    I have to !! LOL   app.c:75:3: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 2 of 'xTaskCreate' differ in signedness [-Wpointer-sign] In file included from app.c:24:0: i:/MIOS32/trunk/FreeRTOS/Source/include/task.h:360:13: note: expected 'const char * const' but argument is of type 'signed char *' Marco.
  6. Core32F4 J5a Encoder

    Hi TK, Thank you so much!!! Now it works !!!! I've been looking for where the bug would be for two days and today I would look at "mios32_board.c". Thanks for the quick help !!! Marco.
  7. Core32F4 J5a Encoder

    Hi ,  this example should work the 4 encoders?Im mine LPC dont work, only 2 encoders(j5A).   Tks, Marco.
  8. Core32F4 J5a Encoder

    Hi !!   Strange, would not that just be for analog inputs? A0 .... A3 work fine without setting "#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x00ff". I do not want analog inputs. I want 4 encoders   Tks Marco.
  9. Optimize encoders processing

    Hi, Julian Can you solve it?   Marco.
  10. Core32F4 J5a Encoder

    Hi!!! Leveraging the topic. I use the LCP1769 I'm testing the example "014b_enc_j5_relative". It only works J5A (A0 ... A3) and J5B (A4 ... A7) does not work. This example tests all inputs A0 ..... A7 on the J5A and J5B connector? How do I set up so that all inputs A0 .... A7? I tested J5A / B as analog inputs and they all worked. I just set "#define MIOS32_AIN_CHANNEL_MASK 0x00ff"
  11. Hi !!! Why can not I use potentiometers over 10K? I noticed that the 50k (linear B) potentiometers connected on the ainser64 board do not send CC = 63 when it is midway (5V / 2 = 2.5V), but sends CC = 63 when it is just over halfway down (2.90 V) at the entrance of 4051. Sorry, my english.   Tks, Marco
  12. Hola, me monté estos archivos no entendían su problema. Habla portugués?
  13. Traktorizer, where is information?

    Hi I am the Marco who built the traktorizer, I leave with you the files I could at the time. Today I am making another midi controller using the LPC. Unfortunately I have to start from scratch.   Alternative link : Traktorizer.rar
  14. Hi All, I need more digital outputs, making the J16 connector on the LPC1769 with exit to 128 LEDs. How to make this? I dont want matrix ... I must also not use analog outputs, only analog inputs, the connector J19 can be used the SR 74595? How to make this?   TKS!!!