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  1. Thanks man, i had read that already...i understand it now tho with further investigation...ive found now when designing your midi box (after the interface has been designed) that if you draw out the individual parts that are listed in the MB Hardware platform...i.e your DIN Module, Core, AIN Module etc.. and conect them all up it makes it a lot easier to understand how  your machine is going together...ive done mine out in cad and i would defiently reccomend it for somebody llike me with no experience...ill post the drawing file when it is completed...its also a good way to show somebody if your device isnt working and they can see if your circuit plan is correct...just a thought ;-)
  2. The making of a Midibox64

    i see this guy mentioned that all these images can be found on his web page...what exactly is it? went through the posts can cant seem to find it?? would be nice to have a look at these ;-)
  3. Thanks SSP looking forward to this project been on here for a while and i have to say its not as frightening as i thought at the start, reading actually does help and the wiki site is awesome... just a quick question, is a stickbank refering to a usb memory stick?? silly question but just wanting to clarify and what exactly would it be used for on a MIDI box?? i see people are saying they would keep patches on it? is this to free up memory?
  4. The screens are suppose to be LC-Displays not LED ;) Just having a look at the midibox 64 seems to have everything i need
  5. Hello all, I have been only using M-Audios Torq DJ software a few days now. Previously i was wanting to construct a MIDI controller for ableton live but instead i purchased a remote zero SL. Now i want to build a controller for use with each channel something like the allen and heath Xone 2d (see attached download link containing pdf initial design below).. I am totally new to electronics and have never programmed in my life apart from a small bit of visual basics years ago. I have purchased quiet a few books on MIDI and electronic projects and hopefully with a bit of help from here i will accomplish my project which i am going to undertake. I suppose firstly i would like to hear comments on my design to see if it is possible...A lot of the functions will be MIDI mapped to the Torq software and then i would like to add some LED displays for drop down menus for the sampler and effects.. I have been looking through the site and reading up on quiet a few posts...i am most certainly not looking for step by step instructions from anyone as i know this already annoys you ;-) i suppose now i want to go off and find suitable parts for my project and to try gain a better understanding...some initial feedback on the design tho would be very much appreciated.. cheers Johnnie
  6. USB MIDI-controller help

    thanks for the good info lylehaze...i too have no experience in this field at all but have a rough design for a slim MIDI controller to use with torq software.. (something like the allen and heath xone 2d )