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  1. Using the Midibox CV

    I have successfully built a Midibox CV to use with my DIY modular synth, and I love it -thank you very much for such a great project! At the moment I'm doing pretty basic things with it -plugging my MIDI keyboard into it, taking the CV from CV 1 and plugging it into the CV in on my oscillators etc. But I wondered if it can do more... Say I have three MIDI parts in Ableton Live (or Cubase). Can I route the three separate MIDI parts to three separate CV outputs to play my three separate oscillators at the same time? Is this an Ableton/ Cubase setting or something I need to do with the MIDIBox software? Thank you very much!
  2. Midibox CV - Aout_NG Problem

    Haha! That was a very good point! I had forgotten to do that so I recompiled and... voila! Thanks both of you for your help - it's much appreciated!
  3. Midibox CV - Aout_NG Problem

    Sorry yes you're right - there is only one ground. I've checked and there is continuity between the AGND on the AOUT_NG module and the DGND on the Core module. The wiring between the CORE and the AOUT_NG appears to be ok, as does the jumpering. Here are a few pictures...
  4. Midibox CV - Aout_NG Problem

    Hey SMIDIRIN! I'm powering my CORE by feeding the onboard power supply with 12VAC from a transformer - this is separate from the power supply that feeds the rest of the modular. You both say I should only have one ground but there are two, aren't there? The digital ground (DGND on the AOUT_NG schematic) from the CORE and the analogue ground (AGND on the AOUT_NG schematic) which comes from the +/-15v power supply. On the front panel, where the signal is coming from the CORE (i.e. a gate), I have connected the jack to the CORE's ground (DGND), and when it's coming from the AOUT_NG (i.e. a CV signal) I have connected it to the analogue ground (AGND). Is that correct? Thanks a lot!
  5. Midibox CV - Aout_NG Problem

    Thanks for the reply! Just to give you some background: I'm using the Midibox CV as a convertor inside my DIY modular. I have the eight CV outputs from the AOUT_NG as well as the 8 Gate outputs, the Clock Out and the Start/Stop from the CORE module on a front panel. The CORE PCB is powered by its onboard power supply, the AOUT_NG is powered by the +/-15v supply inside my modular. The CV output jacks are daisy chained together and then grounded at one point (J5) on the AOUT_NG PCB. The 8 Gate outputs come from J5 on the CORE module and are grounded to the ground on that PCB. I'm not using the bipolar option. Both TL072 sockets measured the correct voltages at the correct pins. I can't see any shorts or bridges on the AOUT_NG and I'll try to get some high res pictures up tomorrow morning. One thing I'm not sure about is the TLV5630. I was going to buy from RS but they were sold out at the time so I bought a couple from eBay for much cheaper. I'm a little concerned that the TLV5630 might be a dodgy one -is there anyway to check? Thanks!
  6. Midibox CV - Aout_NG Problem

    I've just finished building my Midibox CV using the NG module. The software seems to have loaded ok, and I can use the LCD screen etc. but I don't seem to be getting the correct voltages at the CV outputs. In the calibration menu, no matter if its set to 'Min' Max' '1.00v' 2.00v' etc. the CV outputs stay at 0.01v and turning the trimmer on the NG board does nothing. The only thing I'm doing differently to the instructions is the grounding. I've connected one output jack to ground on the PCB and then daisychained the rest of the jacks to that connected jack. Do you think this might the problem? All the solder connections appear to be ok. Any help would be much appreciated!
  7. Buttons for LCD navigation

    What type of buttons or push switches have people been using to navigate through the LCD screen in the Core? The ones that I have seen in Maplin and Rapid seem pretty low quality and look like they may trigger a couple of times with one push. I think there's a debounce setting in the Core software, but it would be nice to have decent buttons in the first place! Can anyone recommend a good source in the UK? Thanks a lot! Matt
  8. A couple of Midibox CV questions

    If I want to attach a switch to turn the LED backlight of the LCD display on and off to save on power, is it just a case of inserting an on-off switch along the wire that feeds the anode on the backlight? Is it really that simple? Thanks for your help!
  9. FPD cut out for LCD display

    I bought this LCD display for my Midibox CV http://www.futurlec.com/LED/LCD16x2BL.shtml and I'm now trying to design a front panel using Schaeffer's front panel software. Unfortunately the dimensions given in the datasheet don't seem to fully match up with measurements I have taken using a ruler on the LCD display. I've tried a few different measurements on paper but they don't seem to come out right. Has anyone used this LCD display when designing a front panel and do they have a template they could upload? Thanks a lot!
  10. [B] TLV5630 for AOUT_NG (London, UK)

    Looks like RS (the only UK supplier with reasonable shipping charges) are out of stock of TLV5630 chips until May. Does anyone have a chip they can sell me? Thanks a lot!
  11. Powering the Core module

    Thanks for the reply! I'm planning on using the Midibox inside my modular which is in quite a big open backed case, so there is a fair bit of air flow that'll help the large heatsink do its thing.
  12. Powering the Core module

    The ucapps website specifies using a 7-10VAC transformer to power the Core module. I have a 12VAC transformer lying around - can I just use that? What's the reasoning behind specifying 7-10VAC? Is it the heat given off by the regulator? I'm planning on using the Smash TV Core PCB which has the regulator mounted on the side of the PCB meaning I should be able to get a decent sized heatsink on there. By my calculations, giving the regulator 12VAC it will dissipate 3.5W, so by using a 8.8C heatsink (which I also already have) I should be able to keep the regulator at a safe temperature. Does this sound like a good idea? EDIT - The 7805 datasheet says the maximum voltage is 35V, so ucapps specifying 7-10VAC must be for heatsinking reasons, right?
  13. A couple of Midibox CV questions

    Thanks very much! EDIT - Just figured it out - thanks!
  14. A couple of Midibox CV questions

    I want to build a Midibox CV for my modular synth and I'm slowly getting my head around all the (excellent) documentation on the ucapps site.  I have a few questions still though: I'm going to be building the Midibox CV using the AOUT_NG module.  It is my understanding that I take the 8 CV outs from the AOUT_NG and the 8 Gate outs from the Core module.  On the Core module the 8 Gates come from J5 - are the remaining 2 pins for the Clock and the Start/ Stop?  If not, where do I get the Clock and the Start/ Stop from? What's the amplitude of the Clock signal?  Is it 0-10V? I'm assuming the Clock signal syncs with the midi clock that comes from my computer's sequencer - i.e. the tempo of the song in the computer's sequencer - is this correct? Thanks a lot!