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  1. Hi gerald.wert. Thanks for the info it sounds good.

    I went to Mike's site, and I was happy with his stuff, but unfortunately he no longer offers the AIN board,

    rather, he supplies a later version which requires an analogue to digital converter, it seems to be for a later m-box.

    It seems that the world has moved on since I first started with my midibox.

    Thanks for the interest all the same mate, it is appreciated.




    Hi sparx, thanks for the interest and the offer (?). It looks as if you are my last hope before ditching the project.

    I live in Wirral U.K. which is a stone's throw from Liverpool.

    Please let me know the cost to you.



  2. Hello Marxon, thanks for the reply.


    I used to know the place where Creative Labs hid gthe darn implimentation chart, but I cannot remember where it was.  I used to use kx-drivers some ten years ago, when I used Windows, but I transferred wholesale to Linux many years hence, and as the kx-drivers are Windows-only software, that option is closed to me. I think maybe its worth a look at that site again just in case they mention that card somewhere or other.


    Apologies by the way for the delay in replying.



  3. Hello fellow Mboxers.


    I am trying to obtain the MIDI implimentation chart for my sound card (Creative Labs Audigy 2 zs) and I am informed that it lies in a little file, on one of the disks that came with the card. But try as I might, I cannot locate that file. Creative support don't even list 'MIDI' under a search of their site.


    Does anyone know where that particular file is located please?


    Any assistance in this matter would help me avoid total insanity.





  4. Lieber Nils.

    Der PIC16F877 kam heute Morgen (Di. 12. August). Ich mag deine Verpackung! Es ist sehr sicher. Vielen Dank für eine solche Art und großzügige Geste. Wenn ich Sie schulden kein Bargeld lass es mich bitte wissen, wie viel es ist.

    Meine besten Grüße an Sie


    (apologies for such poor German)


  5. I have found methylated spirits and an old toothbrush does the job very well, but only as long as good quality solder is employed, because cheap solder uses crappy flux, and meths won't shift it.


    A decent protective spray should be used when the boards is finally soldered and cleaned.



  6. Thanks for the input everyone.


    Thorsten you are correct for PC keyboards, althought I seem to remember a long time ago that some keyboards actually had a lamp fitted to each keycap - admittadly the keyboard was probably designed for a special purpose .


    Nasruden I agree, although I'm not sure if more than one button is ever detected in MB.  A small delay I could live with.


    nILS you mentioned a name I have not heard for a long time: Cherry keyboards: I would love to find an old one to plug in my PC. Excellent action, and dpdt (double pole double throw) to boot! I have lots of analogue controls, but I am experimenting with the minumum possible panel space: use switches increment up down, depending on a 'shift' button.  Convert button presses into CC data. That sort of thing.


    Regards all.

  7. Hi forum members.


    I am considering using switches in place of pots:


    Instead of turning a pot to increase/decrease a CC value, use instead two switches: one switch increments the value from 0 to 127, the other switch to decrement the value.


    A single press increments/decrements the value by one, and a longer press steps up or down until released.


    I was hoping to use DOUTs as indicators of last button-pair changed.


    Has anyone used this method with Midibox? Did they use Midibox 128 or what? Is it actually possible?


    Looking forward to reading some ideas.



  8. Hello NorthernLightX,


    This is one hell of a long shot, but here goes:


    I wonder if you still have the chips PIC16F877 which you advertised on November 2012? I am in middle of making the old MB64 with a MIDImerger, and both use that chip. Whatever the postage is from Nederland to UK, please let me know and I will pay you. Perhaps by Paypal?


    Best regards




  9. Hello all you mad crazy midiboxers.


    I am about to build a circuit which needs two pic chips: one for a MB64 and one for a midi filter (by TK). Both chips are the same (old Pic16f877a - because I have some).


    Both circuits work fine with their own crystal osc, but I consider this a bit wasteful, and anyway, I have a 20mHz module I have been meaning to press into service for some years.


    I intend to drive both chip clock input pins "OSC1/CLKIN" from the single output of a TTL clock module (because I have one). The other clock pin "OSC1/CLKOUT" on each chip will be left open. I assume the relevant config bits will remain unchanged as 'HS'.


    I would appreciate any comments regarding the above.


    Thanks for looking.


    Best regards to all.

    edit: moot point, but I should have written MHz.

  10. Thanks TK.


    I mentioned this in HUIS forum, when replying tou your helpful suggestions, to say that I managed in the end to cure problem.


    The 'keyboard' is in fact a Technics GK5 organ modified into a full sized piano. The data stream contains active sense messages, these cannot be turned off. I was at the point of taking the output directly from the internal circuitry, when I built your old Pic16f877 filter (I like the chip), and the problem is no more, as the offending messages are ignored. Now I can send note ons from my keyboard, and pot data from you MB64 (Pic16f877a).


    I am as happy as a butcher's mutt.


    A thousand thanks for all your help and all that work you have done.