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  1. small form factor SEQ V4

    Mine is racked now, and I use my SEQ V4 to sequence it, and my 9090... I'm moving away from bringing my MB808 and 9090 to shows as I have built a bunch of Euro drum modules to replace them for live use... The 3030 though I want to keep using live as I like being able to teak the bass sounds depending on the type of room I am playing in... hence trying to build a smaller control surface. I think the 3030 with a dedicated MB SEQ V4 with a control surface tailored to its needs would be pretty great!
  2. small form factor SEQ V4

    Thanks for the responses. The SEQ4 lite isn't quite what I am after. Hawkeye, I'll watch your tutorial.. Thanks! After thinking about it, I think what I am really after is a control surface to use as a sequencer for my 3030. I think I will design something that I can house with the 3030 (kind of like my MB808, but much much smaller) that I can travel with. I now understand the display limitations, so I am thinking the 2 40x2 displays with 16 duo LED buttons the TPD and then some buttons for specific purposes like modulation of the cutoff frequency (I have the 3030 V2 which the cuttoff can be modulated over midi), midi delay, etc. I remember years ago someone did a MB-303, which looked great so maybe I will go down that road for myself. I built a control surface on veroboard for my MBFM which works great, so I think I am capable enough... I hope!   Cheers, Alex
  3. Hi all, After years of using my MBSEQ V4 both in the studio and live at shows I am looking to reduce its size significantly. My original sequencer (from the first Wilba bulkorder) is great to work with, but it is quite large and all the tactile switches and encoders are failing to differing degrees. So, instead of desoldering them all and replacing them I would like to try to figure out a smaller control surface. My idea is to have my larger sequencer for writing and a much smaller one for live performances. My main use for a smaller control surface is to have a sequencer for my Oakley 3030 303 clone for shows.   So, I have a few questions: First off, does anyone think this is doable? A stupid idea? etc. Secondly, I am thinking of using my TPD as part of the control surface and then maybe something simple like the SCS board with a display. Would it be possible to use these two and a display as a control surface? Is it hard to create a new hardware file? It is probably pretty obvious that I am in the early stages of thinking about this... I am willing to learn PCB design, and dive deeper into the hardware file to make this happen. If I end up making a new control surface PCB I will happily run a bulk order if there is interest.   Cheers, Alex
  4. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    Name            PCB BLM   PCB miniCore   Case   Shift button   M2 hardware   4xLED availability    0         0              -      4              1             12   latigid on      1         1              1      1              1             1 Rowan          1         1              1      1              1             1 Phatline        2         2              1      1              1             1 TK                1         1              1      1              1             1 Altitude         1         1              1      1              1             1 rwo               1         1              1      1              1             1 jojjelito          1         1              1      1              1             1 tashikoma     1         1              -      1              1             1   workspace    1         1              1      1              1             1 flyweight       1         1              1      1              1              1 Grizz             1         1              1      1              1             1   Total          12        12              10      11              11             11
  5. BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

    Are you able to order extra cases? If so I'm in and will sign up!
  6. MB808 illustrator front panel file

    Would you mind emailing it to me? apartmentfoxatgmaildotcom   Cheers! Alex
  7. Hey everyone,   Does somebody have an illustrator file for the MB808 frontpanel? Some friends have a real nice big CNC machine so I can finally pull off the tape labels and get my MB808 a properly etched front panel!!   Cheers, Alex
  8. Revised 25-pin breakout port

    1 pair for me please!   Thanks!!!
  9. MIDIbox 808 Firmware

    Ok, so I think I figured it out. If I request "bank" in sysex librarian MIOS studio shows that it is downloading the 128 patterns from the MB808, but each pattern shows "no name available". Is there a way to set MIOS studio to receive each pattern label, ie: A1, A2.... B1, B2, etc? That way I can visually see that it is backing up properly. One thing is I'm not sure which 808 software version I have installed... Is there a way to figure this out? I think I have 1.3, but I'm not sure.   I guess this leads to another question. I built a 8 bankstick pcb on perfboard which should give me 128 patterns right? What I know how to access is A-H, with each capital letter having 8 patterns each. That makes 64 patterns. Where are the other 64? This might seen like a dumb question, but I'm only up to C7 so I haven't really thought about the patterns that I don't know how to access.   A little edit to these questions. So short of seeing the software version on the LCD of the 808 I am going to just update to the newest version. I think I have V1.1 or something close to that. Here is my last question: Will my banksticks be reformatted if I upgrade from V1.1(2) to V1.3? I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but since I can't do a complete sysex back until I upgrade I'd like to be 1000% sure before proceeding.     Cheers! Alex
  10. WTB[US] - GM5 PCB

    Hey,   Anyone out there have a spare GM5 or GM5x5x5 board they'd be willing to sell me? I have the GM5 chip so I just need a bare PCB, although if there is a populated one available I'd consider that too.   Cheers, Alex
  11. MIDIbox 808 Firmware

    Ha! Funny how something can be so easy, but allude me no matter how much time I spend trying to figure it out. Thanks sneakthief!   One more question: what button do I press on the 808 to get it to send a complete backup? And does the device ID matter? I'm assuming I just leave the device ID on 0?   Cheers, Alex
  12. MIDIbox 808 Firmware

    I need to switch out a dead LED in one of the GP buttons, but I want to do a complete backup before taking everything apart. There isn't any documentation that I can find on the SYSEX features except that ALT+SYSEX gets me into the menu and the GP buttons choose device ID. Does anyone know what I need to do to transmit a complete backup of all of my patterns? I built a bankstick addon so that I have more pattern saving potential.   Also has anyone ever taken the Omron GP buttons apart without removing them? My goal is to pull the cap off, desolder the LED, and replace it without desoldering the switches from the board.   Cheers, Alex
  13. Wanted Seppoman 2044 boards

    I have 2 extra boards that are fully stuffed except for the SSM2044 chips... I also have a jumper bypassing the relay, but I have the relays in a bag. Not sure what I'd want need to charge but if you are interested we could figure something out. PM if you want them.   Cheers, alex
  14. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Thanks Sneakthief! I did indeed mean the OLED displays, but forgot to be specific.