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  1. [FS] MIDIBOX SEQv4 in nice red wooden case

    Send message via whatsapp! Hedi
  2. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) full kits for sale

    How much would be the privé for both?
  3. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) full kits for sale

    Are the blm 16 x 4 also available to match the tpd's?
  4. BLM (16x4 button led matrix)

    Sent PM!
  5. Up for sale is a wilba frontpanel pcb with all parts (one of the first batches)   And a black 19 inch aluminum frontpanel with white engraving(made by julian )   asking price is 250 euro   I am located in Belgium.Pictures on request as I can not seem to upload them or downsize them.   Thank you ilmenator!
  6. you still have those opl and all?


  7. I will take the switches and displays if you still have them...

  8. V4 with VFD's

    Instead of putting a brown screen one might ware some Gucci sunglasses cause they really shine!
  9. Hey Julian, Sounds great but are you sure it is the best option?After the whole explanation before on the pro and contras you made me think otherwise...unless wilba assured you of the fact that it is a good thing to do? Hedi
  10. Hey Julian, As mentioned Monday on PM I will take 3 midibox seqv4 frontpanels with white lettering. Just to keep things clear... Hedi
  11. Hi Julian, Dont get me wrong,the last thing I wanna be is a pain in your ass(pardon my french!) but I was just looking for the best and most durable attachement and thanks to your big effort trying to explain and enlight me further on the subject I get a good A/B vieuw on the matter and have to admit that using resin might be the best option in the end.So thanks for the clarification... Hedi
  12. Hi Julian, The question asked before regarding the attachement of the PCB with threads instead of the resin that would be preferable to me there a way to find out the exact coordinates from wilba? Hedi