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  1. I built my second sammichSID a few years back and loaded V1.9g V2.0RC38 onto it, but only now am I getting around to actually putting some presets on it. When I upload v2_vintage_bank.syx only presets 34 and 36 actually take and it skips the rest. I tried sending the sammich_SID_Setup.hex over in case it needs the newer firmware, but this gives a "checksum mismatch error no response from core after 16 retries" I'll fiddle with transfering a sysex dump from my other sammich and try that route, but any advice is much appreciated. Maybe Wilba still has a buy me a beer icon.
  2. [WTB / WTT] 8580 SID Chip

    I'm looking for one or two 8580's. Happy to buy, or trade for other rare synth parts. I'm in Boston, USA.
  3. Sammich Encoder acting oddly

    Hi All, The encoder on my Sammich rev2 started behaving oddly today, was working normallly. It will often skip steps 4 of turning clockwise. Counterclockwise it sometimes increases steps in increments of 1's or 4's. I need it for a show so I'm in a bit of a pinch now and I'm going to try soldering in another encoder from my sammichFM kit (sadly still in it's box), assuming they're compatible. Is there anything besides the encoder I should check? Is there a schematic available? Thanks!
  4. [SOLD] 6 x 6582A

    4 for me please.
  5. MIDIbox SCE

    Nice one! I've always wanted to check out the Wavestation, especially now. BTW what kind of buttons are those? They look like the same type the oberheim xpander uses.
  6. Hi peeps, I'm on the hunt for a pair of 8580s/6582s. I've got at least 3 6581's, and lots and lots of other synth diy parts to trade. I don't have much for SSM/CEMs but pretty much everything else, just let me know. Cheers -Carl in Boston
  7. 6581 Sammich Stuck Notes

    Yep, the notes stick on both speakers, both via with external MIDI and via Play button (F1). Looks like I'm on the hunt for a pair of 6582 or 8580? Do most 6581s have this issue with gates not closing all the way? Thanks!
  8. Hi All, Forgive me if this problem is covered elsewhere. I'm getting so stuck notes with my 6581 Sammich, where there is indefinite and audible tones pitched to the last midi note played. It seems better / worse on certain patches. Any ideas what to check? Many thanks!
  9. Drum engine midi mapping unstable?

    Got it. Thanks for such a speedy and thorough answer TK! I'll try the dedicated oscillators method tonight.
  10. Hi all. I'm finally giving my sammich 6581 the time it deserves. . . but it's behaving oddly. When I play the drum sounds over a midi keyboard the mapping jumps around. For instance, a bass drum will be on C#1, but after I play a few more keys it either disappears completely or gets replaced by another sound. The mapping also has several dead zones on the keyboard where a group of 6 or 7 keys in a row don't trigger the Sid. Is this some weird note stealing thing that's normal or is this a more serious problem? Thanks!
  11. Low 12V rail on the Sammich

    SOLVED. I forgot to put the shunts in JBP that short out the rectifier diodes. I just virtual beer'd you Wilba.
  12. Low 12V rail on the Sammich

    Thanks Wilba, I should've mentioned it's got the low level LCD and I was planning to use some 6581's. I tried a different power supply that outputs 12VDC regulated at 1A. Same problem. The new one puts out 11.92V so the DMM readings above are all the same with the new PSU, only a little less, that is: Between the 2 J1 terminals: 11.92V Between base board ground and J1 1: -.73V Between base board ground and J1 2: 11.20V All 12V connections to base board ground: 10.47V All 9V connections to base board ground: 8.98V All 5V connections to base board ground: 4.99V I'm a novice at his stuff, and I don't understand the purpose of running a regulated PSU though a full wave rectifier. Is it to filter AC? Won't the output always be two diode drops below below the regulated input? i.e. isn't ~13.4 needed to give the 6581's the 12V they need? I can't thank you enough for putting together any awesome kit AND taking the time to help troubleshoot this kind of stuff.
  13. Low 12V rail on the Sammich

    Hi All, I was about to drop the SIDs in when I noticed the 12V rail is only 10.72V everywhere. I'm using an old Caere DC PSU with the center positive. It says it outputs 12VDC 400mA regulated OR 12VDC 500mA regulated, which seemed weird but I figured either was ok. My scope/DMM gives the following: Between the 2 J1 terminals: 12.19V Between base board ground and J1 1: -.73V Between base board ground and J1 2: 11.45V All 12V connections to base board ground: 10.72V All 9V connections to base board ground: 8.98V All 5V connections to base board ground: 4.99V Seems like things are off by a diode drop or two here and there? Perhaps I need a new DC supply with more umph. Any Ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!