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  1. I will take the switches and displays if you still have them...

  2. MB SEQ4 Stuff

    displays and switches down to $75 including shipping!
  3. MB SEQ4 Stuff

    price change if you take the displays and buttons/caps!
  4. MB SEQ4 Stuff

    Nope! Sorry. I had quite a few messages about it pretty soon after it went up. White-on Black 40x2 Optrex displays as well as the buttons and caps are still available.
  5. As far as I know, the answer to that is no. You would have to wait for another bulk order or buy one from someone that wants to sell his or hers (self plug warning!!! check out the flea market).
  6. MB SEQ4 Stuff

    The rack isn't setup for 3u. It is made to be used with a desktop case (specifically, the one I posted in the SEQ forum). As for pictures, you can see the mounting holes up there in the corners of the panel.
  7. MB SEQ4 Stuff

    This would work for me. I'll pm you both and see if we can work something out.
  8. is getting rid of his seq stuff

  9. MB SEQ4 Stuff

    ANYTHING THAT IS STRUCK OUT HAS BEEN SOLD - SEE BOTTOM OF POST FOR UNSOLD ITEMS - THANKS I've found a different solution to my sequencing needs, so I'm selling off all of the SEQ stuff that I had bought. The intention is to sell it all in one package... so lets get on with it: The following prices is the amount that I paid without shipping. See bottom for total price. Wilba's SEQ PCB and parts from the recent bulk order - $90USD ($94 CAD) 18x VOTI rotary encoders - 16 EUR ($23 CAD) Digikey parts that weren't included in the bulk order - FREE 1x CORE 32, 1sx AOUT_NG, 2x IIC Midi PCBS, Assembled - $136 USD ($143 CAD) Custom FPE panel made from this Frontpanel file: (coming soon) Changes include font changes, the addition of mounting holes, and MB SEQ4 added to the panel edges. Otherwise, it's the same. - $260USD ($273 CAD) 20x 3mm Dual White/Blue LEDs - $15USD ($15 CAD) TOTAL = $548 CAD So I will sell this lot for $550CAD including shipping. (Which means I not only eat the shipping cost of sending it to you, but the cost of getting it sent to me in the first place which adds up to a significant amount of money!). Also, I have some left over parts... 2 x Optrex displays, 40x2 white text on black background - http://www.optrex.com/products/partdetail.asp?PartNumber=C-51850NFQJ-LW-AAN 60 switches and caps for mbseq - Take it all for $75 including shipping
  10. As far as I remember, the problem was that the display that is raised from the pcb goes between the mounting holes on the right... I can't recheck that right now, but the panel arrived today, so I'm crossing my fingers that I am wrong. http://www.optrex.com/SiteImages/PartList/DRAWING/51850aad_drawing.pdf Though, I'm pretty sure I"m going to sell off all of the parts and not build this anyway. Wilba, would you be interested in taking on the design?
  11. Found some that are complete enough to show off on this computer (oops, pink pcbs!)
  12. This may be a good time for me to pipe up and let you all know what I have been up to... Since I was on the second run of bleeding edge panels, I decided I was going to get a case fabricated to fit the SEQ4 Panel. So i started up Turbocad and came up with a design... Wilba was nice enough to provide me with the backplane pcb files so that I could make sure my drawing is accurate and that everything fits together properly. My goal was do design a case that was as low profile as possible and included a place for Wilba's MBSEQ pcb and panel (which was extended a small amount), core32, 2x IIC Midi boards, and an Aout_NG. I've got to say it has all come together pretty well, but needs minor tweaks (the spacing inside is extremely tight in some places). My front panel should be here tomorrow from FPE which will confirm that I made a mistake and my nice optrex displays do not fit in the standard wilba front panel (doh! realized the mistake too late). I'm hoping that I am wrong though. I'll post a couple of pictures of the design tonight, but may pass the project on to someone else as I'm not sure whether I actually need a SEQ4 for myself anymore. I haven't decided quite yet.
  13. AOUT_NG VCO Tracking

    very cool. I'm doing something very similar. Internal power supply with an iec connector, but I'm going to (hopefully, if i get around to it), design a case in turbocad and send it to a shop to be made (with all of the cutouts and standoffs). I need to see if I can grab the files in dxf or something alike so I can work around the correct board dimensions.
  14. AOUT_NG VCO Tracking

    Building A SEQV4 with a bunch of Midi outs (Via IIC>Midi) and CV outs (Via AOUT_NG), but a concern has come up via this description regarding the AOUT_NG on the uCApps website... The featured precision is perfect for controlling analog filters, VCAs etc. Despite the slightly inferior specs of the DAC, some real world tests confirmed that the precision is even sufficient to drive VCOs. So as long as you don't require extraordinary precision and saving a few bucks isn't your central aim, the NG will be the right choice. I may being nitpicky, but what does this exactly mean? How will the lack of precision manifest itself? Pitch inaccuracy and zippering? To what degree? Has anyone noticed any problems using it? Thanks for the help! Ian
  15. man I have gotta say, I am seriously pumped about this new run of boards... the suspense is killing me! I hope we hear something soon! :)