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  1. Cleaning the flux off the PCB

    Isopropyl => Yes Acetone =>NO! Acetone can dissolve some plactic parts, ceramic parts, coatings, etc... Isopropyl will do the job, but it dries very slow. Use of an antistatic brush to clean and antistatic cleaning tissues to dry and take away residues is always a good idea.
  2. Speed of encoders

    I think like this... # Available Encoder Modes: # # ENC_MODE_ABSOLUTE send absolute value # ENC_MODE_40SPEED send 40 +/- <speed> (for Native Instruments Software) # ENC_MODE_00SPEED send 00 +/- <speed> (for Steinberg Software) # ENC_MODE_40_1 send 40 +/- 1 # ENC_MODE_00_1 send 00 +/- 1 # ENC_MODE_INCDEC send CC Inc/Dec # ENC_MODE_LCEMU send 0<speed> when turned clockwise, 4<speed> on counter clockwise # (protocol used by Logic Control/Mackie) # ENC_MODE_HOUSTON_EMU send absolute value + Bn <CC+0x20> 00 # (protocol used by Logic Control/Mackie) # # optional speed flags: &NORMAL (default), &FAST or &SLOW example ENC_MODE_ABSOLUTE&SLOW ==> encoder will move fast ENC_MODE_ABSOLUTE&FAST ==> encoder will move slow anyway..this is what i have tested cheers
  3. LCD T6963C

    mmm...well I did now :-) in the makefile.orig it looks like this now: # $Id: Makefile 311 2008-05-01 17:56:23Z tk $ # define the processor here PROCESSOR = 18f452 # default flags to GPASM here GPASM_FLAGS = # include pathes (more will be added by files) GPASM_INCLUDE = # optional defines that should be passed to GPASM GPASM_DEFINES = # default rule that defines the .hex files which should be created # note: always require a "cleanall", since dependencies (e.g. on .h and .inc files) are not properly declared all: cleanall setup_midibox_lc.hex setup_midibox_tk.hex # include the file include $(MIOS_PATH)/include/makefile/ # include application specific LCD driver (dummy driver by default) include $(MIOS_PATH)/modules/app_lcd/t6963c_h/ # include make rules for GLCD fonts include $(MIOS_PATH)/modules/glcd_font/ Compiling this with the standard folder didn't work because he couldn't find the driver. Then I have replace the midibox_lc_v1_6d\modules\app_lcd\dummy by the lcd7_t6963c_h_v2a\modules\app_lcd\t6963c_h, so the new directory looks like this midibox_lc_v1_6d\modules\app_lcd\t6963c_h Compiling works now, but after uploading still the lcd doesn't work. :-(
  4. motorised faders

    Ja dat kan zeker! Je hebt bijvoorbeeld de Midibox LC, een emulatie van de mackie control. De applicatie kan je gewoon downloaden op site Midibox 64E is een midibox met encoders. je Kan deze gewoon uitbreiden met motorfaders door het te activeren in de sourcecode. De overige applicaties heb ik me nog niet mee bezig ieder geval als je de moeite doet om veel te lezen op ucapps en dit forum, dan kom je heel ver. Het is onmogelijk om iemand nieuw volledig wegwijs te zal zelf veel moeite moeten doen. Je zal merken dat je in de meeste gevallen maar geholpen wordt als je al wat verder staat. De boodschap is..zet die TV af en lees, lees, lees....Het loont echt wel de moeite. En anders ga je naar de winkel en koop je een controller. Maar, wat zou jij precies willen maken? groeten, Sven
  5. LCD T6963C

    We're almost there. The lcd is only working when I upload the driver for the T6963C. What I get is this but in my case it looks a little better. So the LCD is working. When I upload the LC project..the lcd doesn't work anymore. The settings in midibox_lc_v1_6d are like this now: #define LCD_USE_SECOND 0 #define LCD_EMU_COL 55 I must be forgetting something? regards, Sven
  6. LCD T6963C

    Phil, You've got that right! CE=low Reset= floating FS=Low but I think it doesn't matter. I also had to adjust V0 to -8.35 instead of -0.3 to see something. Thanks a lot! ;-) Cheers
  7. LCD T6963C

    Thanks for your replies. I have tried CE to ground and CE to +5V. Nothing happens. Reset is connected to ground and FS also to ground. I have adjusted VO to -0.3V Maybe I'm doing something wrong with uploading?...what i've done is this. I have uploaded the t6963c driver(horizontal screen) using Mios studio. After that I have uploaded the LC project. The LC is working fine, but nothing on the display except of the backlight. Enough for today :-) Tomorrow will bring new inspiration..I hope :-) cheers, Sven
  8. LCD T6963C

    Hi all, I have bought a graphical lcd to mess around see what is learn.. It is a 240x64 with a T6963C driver. I'm not 100% sure about the connections. I am working with MIOS8 and the connections for a T6963C controlled display are to find here , but there are a few pins which I can not find how to connect. CE (chip enable) => to ground?? Reset => to ground?? FS (font select) => to ground?? How are fonts selected here? Anybody can advise me? Thanks in advance, Sven
  9. Modified PCB and Schematics

    I'll wait too for the "DIN - DOUT Schematic & Board.rar". Very nice idea by the way! cheers
  10. Hi stuartm, Very nice work! Can you tell where did you find those buttons? Cheers, Sven
  11. I have spent lots of time on this forum now....I think the answer is laying in the file setup_midibox_lc.asm #define LCD_USE_SECOND 1 ; the emulation handles with two character LCDs if 1 #define LCD_EMU_COL 55 ; number of emulated columns (characters per line) ; o graphical LCDs: use 55 (like a Logic Control) ; o one 2x40 LCD: use 40 (unfortunately..) ; o two 2x40 LCDs: use 55 (like a Logic Control) The original mackie control(logic control) uses one 2x55 display, so that's were the programming is based on. It seems impossible to find this kind of display on the market. Here comes my conclusion... If you could find one 2x55 display the code would be... #define LCD_USE_SECOND 0 #define LCD_EMU_COL 55 If you use two 2x40 dislplays, your setup would be simular to one 2x80 display (just imagine!), but this application only handles 2x55 characters. This results in empty space on the displays. But all information will be displayed. The code would be.. #define LCD_USE_SECOND 1 #define LCD_EMU_COL 55 If you use two 2x24 dislplays. You have only 2x48 characters available, but you need you loose information.. So i think that using these 2x24 displays will never be perfect. However the code would be like this.. #define LCD_USE_SECOND 1 #define LCD_EMU_COL 48 If you use two 2x16 dislplays, which doesn't make sense for this application, the code would be #define LCD_USE_SECOND 1 #define LCD_EMU_COL 32 I correct??? :-) regards, Sven
  12. Hi William, I am also trying to find how I have to convert the programming of 2x40 character lcd's to 2x24 character lcd's. Did you finally succeed doing this? Can you help me out? Or..anybody else can help me out? Looking forward to some reply! cheers, Sven