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  1. midi Dj Cj controller 3.0 Usb complete

    From the album Avarges-RU

    Atmega8 based controller, my construction
  2. mb808

    From the album Avarges-RU

    minimal, work but in work :)

    No, it still based on V-USB-MIDI firmware. MicroController is atmega8. Only about 200 lines of code is not a problem :)
  4. Ð¡ÐµÐ³Ð¾Ð´Ð½Ñ Ð¾Ð¿ÑƒÐ±Ð»Ð¸ÐºÐ¾Ð²Ð°Ð½Ð° ÑтатьÑ: MIDI DJ CJ CONTROLLER 3.0 USB http://avargesnano.narod.ru/3/MIDI-DJ-CJ-CONTROLLER-3.0.html Теперь в уÑтройÑтве многооборотный (без ограничений) JogWheel, который позволÑет ÑкрÑтчить и делает контроллер более диджейÑким, 10 крутилок на Ñффекты и 4 кнопки (одна из них на оÑи JogWheel) + LCD Ñкран Ñо Ñветодиодной подÑветкой. ПодключаетÑÑ Ð¿Ð¾ USB и легко работает как МИДИ-уÑтройÑтво в Cubase, FL Studio, Virtual DJ, Ableton, ...

    New controller is released: MIDI DJ CJ CONTROLLER 3.0 USB http://avargesnano.narod.ru/3/MIDI-DJ-CJ-CONTROLLER-3.0.html Now i have 10 knobs, 4 buttons & Jogwheel@encoder, LCD 16x2 symbols. It connects via USB and work like midi-device in Cubase, FL Studio, Virtual DJ, Ableton, ... There are schematic, sources, PCB, .hex-flash in the article. Use google translator to read article and translate from russian to your language.
  6. Is Crystal HC49S parallel cut ?

    fck it mean i need to guessing :(
  7. Прошивка на Ñи правда под винавр, но там программка не Ñуть ÐºÐ°ÐºÐ°Ñ Ð±Ð¾Ð»ÑŒÑˆÐ°Ñ, в оÑновном базируетÑÑ Ð½Ð° разработке V-USB, то еÑÑ‚ÑŒ через USB миди можно гнать в обе Ñтороны, а вот чиÑтый миди выход Ñто только выход, причём заточен только под гÑймпорт, под обычную миди аппаратуре желательно ещё добавить там "1 резиÑтор" :)
  8. I build PIC based core know. And i don't find in shop HC49U-S crystal, but TK strong recommend to use only "parallel cut" crystal with PIC18F and manager in the shop can't answer is there HC49S (not U-S) is parallel cut or not ? Can i use that crystal ? I have downloaded datasheet and there is nothing about serial/parallel cut. Please help !
  9. Это бюджетный домашний контроллер, а вÑÑ‘ оÑтальное о чём вы пишете уже жадноÑÑ‚ÑŒ :D
  10. Собрал пару миди контроллеров, выложил олпиÑание, Ñхемы, прошивки: MIDI DJ CJ Controller EASY (2 крутилки, подключение через гÑймпорт) http://avargesnano.narod.ru/MIDI-DJ-CJ-CONTROLLER-EASY.html MIDI DJ CJ CONTROLLER 2.0 USB (8 крутилок и 5 кнопок, имеет разъемы MIDI и USB.) http://avargesnano.narod.ru/MIDI-DJ-CJ-CONTROLLER-2.0.html
  11. Yet another Usb to Midi thingy

    Good, but i'm still think it's strange to use any exclusive chips in DIY. OK, for Jegge and other topic readers i like to share this link: http://swit4.ru/files/UART2MIDI.rar (i think that device have potential to do much than one midi-out+midi-in+usb but up to 3midi-ins/outs at least). It's based on the atmega8 and ft232rl for usb connecting. Now this is usb2midi converter only it's not an alternative for gm5 or another midibox usb modules. It also require for com2midi windows driver (included), it's not good idea for future compatibility.
  12. Yet another Usb to Midi thingy

    As i can understand. That chip is ordered in 100-1000 pcs by TK from the factory and he wait for 100-1000 peoples who want to buy one gm5. Ok maybe i'm wrong and i may buy TODAY, but how much money to send that 5euro's gm5 to Russia ?
  13. Yet another Usb to Midi thingy

    Atmega chips have not hardware usb support - it mean it provide usb support in the firmware level, i know popular realisation is V-USB, but it's unfortunately doesn't support speeds higher than 6400 bps = but midi speed is 31250 bps. So this is not full speed usb2midi converter. any atmega don't provide really good usb2midi device. I think about chips like CP2102 and FT232 they are about $5 an they are able to support uart2usb full speed, but i have not yet tested them in my hands :) GM5 is bad variant because of: Is there anybody tell me where i can buy it cheap and fast in my places???

    If you are musician and you need to receive completed device it's best idea to copy or buy midiboxes or something like MIDI DJ CJ CONTROLLER :D But if you want to have some fun time with interesting radio-hobby, maybe better to make modifications or 100% self made devices. But i don't see problems to use experience of peoples who already have skills and completed projects, like TK.

    Sliding potentiometers are nice. Now i'm try to build something like Midibox 808 (drum midi seqeuncer). I think first of all i try to build this site variant because of firmware. So now i have din/dout modules = it's really nice hardware and in any way i will use them. Now the question is: to use midibox core or self made core module. It's really hard or expensive to find PIC18f4620 in Russia and also i would like to work with Atmel controllers.