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  1. Its okay, problem solved. thnx
  2. Hi john, thnx for the reply. yeah i tried that method but it didnt work. I also tried the midibox64.ini method and it worked for two or three bank switch presses before it got stuck and didnt switch banks anymore. I'm working  with mios 1.9g and MB64 v 2_4f. I made sure all the bank switch buttons were the same for all banks. Anyone with successful bank switching experience?
  3. Hi, im trying to program bank switching buttons for my MB64. Im using the onboard menu system and editing button midi events. I understand that i have to program every bank in my bankstick with the same bank switching buttons. What i dont quite get is how do i enter the Special Function numbers (FF 04 00 @OnOff) ? When i get into the menu for editing midi events i see for buttons i can use Meta events. But how do i input the FF 04 00 or what format must i convert it too?  Thnx for any help.                      
  4. Led Encoder Ring PCB

    Hi, just wondering if it would be difficult to incorparate the below mentioned part int omidibox LC. warm rgs & thnx