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  1. MBSEQ Solo function

    Quick question: is there an option/button combo that will allow the solo function to unmute a muted track when pushed, then return to muted when off? Many thanks, M/S
  2. ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order 2015 / 2016

    10 datawheels please. if you need to go 15 i can.
  3. CV/Gate Breakout/Buffer Board

    3 please
  4. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    This Project is awesome. If you build it, you will not regret it. Make some magic:)
  5. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Lee! This is Awesome! Let the acrobatic sample reconstructions begin.
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Thanks TK!
  7. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Lee, you are King! Check out this first demo:
  8. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Lee, In its current manifestation, the sample player is providing the digital "concrete noise/abstract beat/abstract vocal/micro glitch" layer of a MB SEQ4 controlled mainly analog synth/drum setup. Formally, some samples are drumlike in sound and usage, others are textural and pad like. i am really amazed at the player's ability to do "micro edits" and "stutter cuts". Lee, i have all kinds of suggestions for features. Alas, i am wary to make them for the fear my ignorance of all things "bit order" showing through....... Send a CC and all samples triggered afterwards play backwards? Parametric bit crushing? On the more realistic side: a hardware config file that would allow things like changing the midi channel (which i really need to do, so many things on channel 1). You Rock! Cheers, James F Ellis
  9. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Lee, This project is amazing! i just built one this last weekend. The prototype is already integrated into my live setup. Please keep up the excellent work! Cheers, James F Ellis