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  1. midibox lc

    yes sir! thanx
  2. midibox lc

    i figured that TK whats the alternative?
  3. My LC, nearly finished

    Wow! Thats great.Thanks a lot.i also got more info from this website.might help others...maybe!
  4. My LC, nearly finished

    how did you in-cooperate the LED bar graph into the system? do you have the circuit for that?
  5. midibox lc

    Thanks once again.
  6. midibox lc

    Ok, now i get the vibe.this is how i figured it after your reply, CORE1 = 8 rotary encorders + rotary LEDs + 8 Moving faders CORE2 = 8 rotary encorders + rotary LEDs + 8 Moving faders CORE3 = 8 rotary encorders + rotary LEDs + 8 Moving faders + switches for FFD,REV,STOP,PLAY and other extended functions + 1 rotary encorder switch for JOG wheel. correct me if i am wrong.tell me the best way to interlink the cores so as to use only core3 as the midi in and out link to the PC.also is there a Midibox lc forum for newbies?
  7. midibox lc

    Much thanks
  8. midibox lc

    OK,am new to all this and currently fascinated by all the ideas shared in this site about midi implementation.i want to build a 24 channel audio control surface based on the midibox dilemma is,how many cores will i need to do so.........HEEEEEELP PLIZ!
  9. TK i say "ASANTE SANA!"means thanks in swahili

  10. this site is feaking awsome!