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  1. Console1

    From the album Rackmount Controller

    A closeup of DAW channel control module and fader module. I still have to work out the functionality of the DAW channel module and make a monitor controller/master module.
  2. Console

    From the album Rackmount Controller

    An idea I had of a rack mountable analog console/control surface (similar to the SSL Matrix). Based around a 10 slot 500 series chassis and modular racks, it would control either/or analog signal paths and/or control your DAW.
  3. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hey K, I haven't been on the forum for quite awhile (obviously) so am just now seeing your post. The red fader panel is the 16 motorfaders. I wanted to make sure it worked with this many before diving into the rest. They only work with the DAW at this point, but my plan is to test out dual faders in the future so I have control of the VCA on the board as well as the DAW (or use extra DAW tracks as fader position only and let the board VCA's do the level control). But that project will have to wait until next year sometime when I have time between recording projects. This is a 60 channel Amek Media 51 with the pres and EQs designed by Mr. Rupert Neve.
  4. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    This is a great update! All of us who use ProTools thank you! I now have 16 faders that will work with all the DAWs I switch between (PT, Nuendo, Cubase). I hadn't been watching this thread for a while and only now have implemented the update. It works like a charm.
  5. HUI emulation for Pro Tools

    I hadn't considered the noise in the motor supply. The way I've combined the wires into bundles for each fader could be causing that jitter. The overall lengths are pretty short, but they are running close and parallel. I'll rewire and also switch to a different PSU. Thanks for the input. Looking forward to the HUI emulation. Jason
  6. HUI emulation for Pro Tools

    I have been reading this forum and the uCApps website for a couple weeks now and have actually built 2 MBHP_MF modules for automating 16 motorfaders (Alps RSA0N11M9A0K) on an Amek Media 51. I am not implementing anything but the faders. I am still waiting on some wiring connectors I ran out of to finish all 16 channels, but I have 8 up and running (kind of). I have tried to find an actual HUI emulation to run with Pro Tools, but it seems all I can find are LC, Motormix and Mackie Control Universal emulations. I don't like posting as a newbie, because the information is usually out there, but I can't find it at all! I know almost nothing of programming (I'm learning, but it's slow with everything else on my plate) and would like some help with this. I can get the Mackie Control emulation to work with Nuendo but can't get anything to work with ProTools. I also have a problem with both of my MBHP_MF modules throwing seemingly random messages when moving faders 1-5. Also faders 6-8 throw messages for all three faders when moving just one (example: in pitchbender mode ch 1-5 are faders 1-5, but faders 6-8 throw ch 6, 7, 8 in sequence when just one of the faders moves). As I stated before I ran out of wiring hardware (don't want to solder all the connections) so can't make a new wiring harness until new supplies get in. The wires currently check fine on a simple continuity test. If an IC was to blame, both the modules most likely wouldn't have the same problem. Also a couple of notes on my build. First of all a very big Thank You!! to Thorsten, SmashTV, Roelli and everyone else that has contributed to MIDIBox and the motorfader thread. The PCBs really help and are great! Roelli's wiring diagragm was very helpful. And of course Thorsten's design is great! A couple notes on the PCB though: the 10 pin connectors are wired differently (from what I can tell) and would make wiring a little easier if the pins lined up to the same channels on both connectors; or group the pins for each individual channel into a 6 pin I/O block (which I realize would take a bit more design work and probably isn't worth the trouble). I hope you don't take this as criticism, I appreciate very much the PCB design, but just about every design can be improved to a certain extent. I know this was a large post, and I hope once everything is working correctly to post my project and maybe a DigiKey BOM like the Reichelt orderlist Thorsten posted.
  7. Recording Console

    OK I can see the website again, but I still don't know if or how to get functionality as both VCA controller as well as MIDIbox controller.
  8. Recording Console

    I am looking at the MIDIbox LC with just the motorfaders (and maybe the machine control section) for this project. I am having trouble seeing any of the extra pages on the website though, so I can't see if I could just use this code and if I could use the faders as the VCA control faders as well as MIDIbox LC controllers.
  9. Recording Console

    I've been reading this forum for a while, and would love to build my own MIDI controller. I work at a studio that uses an analog recording console with VCA controlled automation (not motorized). However, since I am recording with Cubase and Pro Tools, I prefer to use the much more powerful automation built into those programs. I would like to replace the faders with motorized faders that can both still control the VCAs in the console, but also sends out and receives MIDI HUI controller information. I wpuld like to make this as scalable as possible for others wanting to do this kind of a mod. I would like to see this be able to implemented on boards ranging from 16 faders to 64 faders. However, I am very busy and don't have the time to design my own as well as build it. I need help. I realize this forum is all about DIY, but there are only so many hours in a day. I need help designing, and perhaps even some help assembling a controller like this (depending on how long it might take). I realize other people's time is valuable also, and can compensate for help given (but please contact me first). I would like to post all the design elements and final project here as it is realized. I hope I am not offending anyone with the way I am presenting this proposal, but I can't think of a better way to do this. Also, if there are other recording engineers out there like me that love their analog consoles, but work with DAWs, there would be many other people who would love this kind of a mod. Thanks All.