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  1. [FS] sammichSID, sammichFM, & Shruthi-1

    They're all gone (except the SID which was likely damaged in transit or broken before it left her house. Who knows, still trying to figure that mess out. Either way. it's not available). Thanks everyone.
  2. [FS] sammichSID, sammichFM, & Shruthi-1

    Sale pending for the SID, FM is still available. So is the Shruthi if anyone is interested in that.
  3. [FS] sammichSID, sammichFM, & Shruthi-1

    If it's OK with TK and everyone else involved, I'd like to sell this sammichSID and sammichFM. I built them for my ex-gf (don't worry, we're still on good terms) and she's having some financial difficulties right now that neccessitate the sale.     Link to photo sets here:   and here:   She's also got a stock Shruthi-1 with an SMR-4 filterboard that she's looking to get rid of.   photos here:
  4. Installing ICs question, sammichSID *FIXED*

    1. Complete the voltage tests for both boards 2. Disconnect power 3. Insert IC1, IC2L, IC3L, & IC3 into the Base PCB 4. Insert IC1, IC2, IC3, & IC4 into Control Surface PCB 5. Reassemble 6. Fire up MIOS Studio 7. Power on the sammich 8. Make sure MIOS and sammich are properly hollerin' at each other 9. Upload the latest sammichSID hex 10. Wait for the sammich to reboot 11. Make sure the fancy knob and buttons are behaving appropriately 12. Disconnect power 13. Insert Banksticks (IC6, IC7, IC8, IC9, IC10) 14. Power on the device 15. Watch in amazement as the banksticks are formatted 16. Load the default patches via MIOS Studio 17. Power down the sammich 18. Install your SIDs with the appropriate jumpers and capacitors 19. Power that MF'er up 20. Check for smoke/fire 21. Perform shredding tunes 22. Create killer patches 23. Record album 24. Get rich 25. Marry supermodel 26. Make more killer records 27. Grow weary of supermodel wife/husband 28. Make poorly executed and ill-advised break-up album 29. Alienate your former fans 30. Take a swing at a reporter that calls you a sell-out and a has-been 31. Retreat from public life 32. Return 6 years later with amazing new album and smoking hot collection of girlfriends/boyfriends 33. Die as a legend in your chosen genre atop a pile of cash 34. Be an icon for generations of musicians to come I think that's it.
  5. MIDIbox Speech Synth

    Super creepy sounds!
  6. sammichFM behaving oddly **FIXED**

    Yea, looks good. The white button caps are pretty sweet as well.
  7. SammichFM Shipping Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

    Looks great! Love that red on white.
  8. sammichFM behaving oddly **FIXED**

    I can confirm that the backlight pot has no effect on the display. Weird. I hadn't noticed that when I first assembled it. Mine is pretty bright though. Can you post a photo of yours? If we compare them we might be able to determine if yours is oddly dark, mine is oddly bright, or if they are the same and we just have different definitions of bright and dark.
  9. sammichFM behaving oddly **FIXED**

    Wilba hooked me up with that display so I don't have an order form or packing slip around that has the model number on it, but I think it's safe to assume they are the same. I don't recall mine being particularly responsive to changes on the dimmer control. I built that one for my girlfriend and it's now living in her studio on the other side of town so I can't check it out at the moment. The display being kind of dark compared to the LEDs was part of the reason why I painted the LEDs in the first place though. I'll check out the backlight pot this evening and let you know what I come up with.
  10. sammichFM behaving oddly **FIXED**

    The Optrex display is really impressive, you're going to love it. Wilba & nILS did a good thing by making sure the pcb is set-up to accept both the optrex and standard displays. Hooray for that.
  11. LED close-up

    From the album Siempre La Luna

  12. SLL edition sammichSID

    From the album Siempre La Luna

  13. sammichFM behaving oddly **FIXED**

    LOL. The Siempre La Luna Edition, awesome. It certainly has a nice ring to it. I like the look of it so much that I went back and blanked the LEDs on my sammichSID too. I hate to say it though, I think the blanked-out LEDs are the crucial bit of the SLL edition.