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  1. Sparkfun New Breakout PCB

    Sorry for my Delay ... Berlin Club Marathon Weekend :rolleyes: . Good to hear that it works ... i will now order the pcbs and the button pads and maybe some cables with different colors to support my concentration skills :ninja: And thank you again for your answer I know it was a dumb newbie question ...but although I am studying that kind of stuff I still feel very unsecure and I thought its better to ask before spending my money on garbage.
  2. Sparkfun New Breakout PCB

    Hello, I Just saw that Sparkfun has a new Breakout PCBs Link to the PCB Now with integrated footprints for Diodes, in my understanding because of the diodes I can use them now with the din just have to add current sinking transistors to the led lines ?!? No need to design my own pcb ? , Hopefully! Thats the reason why i started this topic I want to be 100 % sure before ordering the pcbs and buttons. Thank you in advance!