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  1. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    I really like the whole concept, just one PCB for faders, and it's looking so easy! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to built my own 'little home console'
  2. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    This is looking very nice! Looks for the first sight more easy to built for a DIY beginner! Maybe a noob question, but in the future I want to make a controller for ProTools, so it has to be a HUI, am I right and is this possible?
  3. I've built my dream! MBLC

    Wow that looks seriously amazing! It's your dream, but I have also exactly the same dream! But your the one who make it real, I'm getting stuck about understanding to program something like this. Good job, I'll follow this topic!