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  1. Strange DIN behaviour with Button ID's

    I think you're wright about building a new core won't solve the problem, cause the problem is in some basic (wiring) thing. But sometimes I get stuck and starting over again clears a lot. When I first soldered my buttonboard, see picture, I soldered it wrong. My buttons were like 2,1,4,3,6,5,8,7. So I re-soldered the first row and checked it again. Now it was good, so I copied the other rows. After I plugged them in I noticed the strange behaviour like I mentioned before. I thought I soldered it wrong again, so I attached button row 1, wich was good on SR1, to SR2 and it did the same strange mirror thing. So I'm quite shure the button rows are soldered correctly. I even tried to shortcut the pins from SR2 to ground and see what happens, and the mirror thing is still there.   That's why I started thinking I maybe changed the DIN pinout on the software side. But I guess that's not possible,I installed a new bootloader and formatted the SD Card, and the problem is still there with the new DEFAULT.NGC   Anyway thanks for your replies, I hope tomorrow will clear things up.  
  2. 2014 09 22 1626

    From the album Elektruck

  3. Strange DIN behaviour with Button ID's

      That was my expectation also, and SR1 is like that, but SR2,3,4 behaves indeed like if D0..D3 are mirrored.   I did test it with MIDIO128, and it shows the same mirroring. I couldn't see the button ID, but I looked at the generated notes. SR1 D0....D7 shows C,C#,D....G#      but.... SR2D0...D7 shows D#,D,C#,C,E,F,F#,G#   I just don't understand, tomorrow I'll solder a new coreboard, for an other project but I'll check if my buttons reacts the same, if it does I'll try your idea Marxon.
  4. SD card polyphonic sample player

      Thank you, you made a nice one too. Great news that it'll read wave files!
  5. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Here some pictures of my newly build SD Card sample player module. It's the smallest module in my modular, but so powerfull! Till now I only used one bank full with hardcore-basskicks,kicking through some analoge filters, really lovely! I made a reset button on the module cause when you change MicroSDCards it needs a reset. I don't need the pushbuttons on this kind of module, midi in works great. But I wanted to make an other module for using in a live-theatre show where I have to trigger some (only2 )sounds. Now we use two CD players for that, and it would be great to swap those CD players with this tiny sample player. But the audiofiles are 5 minutes each and I noticed this SDCard sample player only playes a couple of seconds/sample, or can I change that somewere?
  6. SD Card Sample Player02

    From the album Elektruck

  7. SD Card Sample Player03

    From the album Elektruck

  8. SD card polyphonic sample player

    Yess, I got this to work, It plays my own samples! But how hard would it be to add some pushbuttons to trigger samples? In midiboxNG it's really easy to add a button creating a note on/off event, with the MIOS filebrowser. But MIOS Filebrowser is not implemented by this application, so I don't know where to start. Cheers and thanx again for a wonderfull application! Roel
  9. SD card polyphonic sample player

    OK, I'll check it out,  thanx!
  10. SD card polyphonic sample player

    And where or how can I get acces to this new version?
  11. Simple midi in

    You're very welcome! I got a lot of help here myself, so I'm happy if I can help someone else. But unfortunally I only build this machine as a midi-drumsequencer, so I didn't use any DOUT modules to trigger voices, so can't help you in that direction. But others build it to trigger voices, I guess they can help or that the answer is already on the forum. I like my case too, recyceld plastic installation box with alu-sticker. Really lo-tech, but works like a charm! I didn't know anything about programming, and code stuff etc, and I managed to get it to work... Succes with yours!   Roel
  12. Simple midi in

    Hi Julien,   I'm not Thorsten but I found a MB808 hardware change/ configuration sheet on the forum and with help from that I made a MB808 pinout sheet witch I'll be happy to share, see here:   MB808 drumseq pinout.pdf 808 hardware config.pdf   I'm not sure about the midi in/ velocity question, never used this.   Cheers, Roel
  13. program change troubles

    I'm sorry but I got some troubles with program changes and I can't find the right solution.Can't imagine that others didn't encounter this 'problem'. When I select program change as a track parameter layer it will send a program change on every active step. Is there a way to disable a program change/step. Like now you can select program change 0,1,2,3......126,127 per step, but I would like it like this; _,0,1...126,127. Program changes are great for selecting different patches on MBFM, but when I make a program change track parameter layer I don't have the freedom anymore to select a patch manually. I only want the patch to return to its original state every firts step of 64 steps. Of course I could use a different track for sending this program change but it would be much more obvious when it's integrated in the right track.   And when I want to select program changes in a drum track I only get fixed values per instrument, why's that?   Thanx for any help!
  14. program change troubles

    In SeqV4 you can select 'program change' as a track parameter layer, but not in drum tracks. If you don't see it in a 'note track' you can add this parameter layer by entering 'event menu' and at the right side you can choose the parameters of the parameter layer. Succes!
  15. [S] TPD (Track Position Display) PCBs for sale

    I also want 2 of those boards, please. Thanx 
  16. WaveTable Utility

    I checked Martin's issue on my MBFM and it seemed to react as Martin said. Changes to WT seq. steps above 16 changed on all patches immediately. But after I uploaded version MBFM 1.4i this issue seemed to be solved, All steps react the same and changes are only saved for the selected patch now.  Thanks Thorsten, really unbelievable how you keep track on all those apps. Cheers, Roel
  17. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

    Hoi Missingsense,   Ik kan hem wel voor je branden, stuur me ff een PMetje.
  18. MIDIbox goes RTP-MIDI...

    Wow I would love a Kissbox in my seqV4! Me and a friend of mine have a non-profit company (Elektruck) and we use RTP-midi for a couple of years now,  works great. The Elektruck is an old citybus wich we transformed in a mobile digital music workshop. We have 8 little basic studios in it, just tables with a computer with ableton, midikeyboard, micro and 2 headphones. Each spot/studio can handle 2 kids, so 16 in total, and we drive to schools and festivals to do electronic music workshops, making remixes, ringtones etc.  We use rtp-midi to synchronize all computers and it works like a charm. I was really stuck by the ease of use of rtp-midi. I'm not such a computer nerd, network geek, programmer etc, and I'm always struggling with this stuff, OK,.. I like the struggling. But installing this rtp-midi on our system worked immediately, great to see showing up all those computers in the same session, hit play and all computers following. BTW we only use this on festivals where we like to organize spontenious jamsessions. Anyway, just to say I see this as a great development in midibox-world.   Cheers, Roel
  19. WaveTable Utility

    Hi Martin and Thorsten,   Both your solutions seem to work! I uninstalled all java stuff, and reinstalled Java (JRE6), unzipped the new MBFMWTEditor package and now the editor seems to works as it should. Thanks, it looks like a nice editor tool and I get a better idea of the sequencer now.  After that I uploaded the MBFM v1.4h firmware to my MBFM (18F4685) and now I can also change the WTsequencer steps with Martin's editor.   some sidenotes: -when I play the MBFM from ableton Live and at the same time use the editor to edit the WTsteps I get a 'latency' delay of exactly 1 bar. But maybe I'm doing something wrong, I'll check it out.   -After uploading firmware MBFM V1.4h, the MBFM display still shows MBFM V1.4g at startup.    -Though I got far more results playing with the sequencer (not only step0 seemed to react now),I still can't get a (firm) grip on what the sequencer is doing. I think I have to experiment a lot more, starting with 1 instrument, 1 operator and modulate only 1 parameter, and investigate what the steps do.  ahu... The hole FM thing is new (and quite difficult) to me, I'm used to analogics. and Martin, today I discovered you're also the creator of the Funky Bank patches, thanks! there're great and it were those patches that started me diving into this FM stuff again!   Thank you both, I'll go further into my FM investigation and hope to get a better grip on FM synthese, and the WTsequencer. If I don't succeed I'll come back to you.   Cheers, Roel
  20. WaveTable Utility

    Hi mburch, I'd love to try your MBFM-WTeditor, but I don't know how to. I unzipped your package and tried to open the jar file with java, but nothing happened. Am I missing something? I searched for Java Sound,but as far as I can tell it's just a part of Java standard edition. I also installed the Java developement kit but with no luck. I hope you can show me the right direction. Cheers, Roel
  21. WaveTable Utility

    Last days I've been busy trying to find out what the wavetable sequencer does but I can't get it. Maybe due to above mentioned 'troubles'. I use PIC 18F4685, MBFM firmware 1.9 and 2 pieces of 24lc512 as RAM. In the manual the description of the WT sequencer is quite clear but in practice the WT sequencer doesn't seem to step through the 32 steps. I can only change some sounds in 'Note step' mode and then only by tweaking step 0. With step 0 on JUMP I can jump to other steps with different tweaks, but it doesn't seem to step through the steps. I used both midisync and freerunning mode. I hope this is part of 'the bug otherwise I really don't understand the WT sequencer. I'll try disabling the 'wavetable in RAM' when I get some time.   Cheers, Roel
  22. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

    Ok, no problemo!
  23. GM 5x5x5 19" Case Design Competition

    Maybe a bit late for the competition, but here's my fresh cutted box.      If someone wants the inkscape, svg or dxf files to make your own, or just order this box at formulor.de or ponoko.com, send me a PM. I wanted to attach the files to this message but I don't know how to.   Cheers, Roel
  24. GM5x5x5

    From the album Elektruck

    My self-laser-cutted wooden GM5x5x5 box.
  25. PIC18F4685 branden rond A'dam?

      Hoi NLX, ik heb daar misschien wel interesse in, ik heb nog 4 SID chips liggen en heb bijna al mijn projecten gefinished. In het nieuwe jaar begint het 'hete pookje' soldeerklubje weer en dan moet ik toch wat te doen hebben. Wat vraag je ervoor en wat zijn de kleuren?