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  1. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    It was! What a beginner's mistake  :pinch:, I guess. But now I know a little bit more about that part....   The "testlcdpin" worked great. Testing the supported pin's with this command and measuring B+ and B- together with the schematics, made me able to trace the problem.     Thank you very much, Thorsten!   
  2. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    I just found the answer to my question: http://ucapps.de/midibox_ng_manual_lcd.html - Testing CLCD's.   Great. Thank you!
  3. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Thanks to Thorstens explanation I was able to understand and to modify the blm.c to my needs. Now I have another problem, which I don't know how to approach.    I bought the new LPC17 and everything is working fine, except for the lcd displays (40x2). Both displays are working fine with the STM32 board. When I connect the LPC17 board (tutorial 001 loaded) via USB to the computer the displays are showing no reaction.     I have already tried the following:    Measured at J15A/B the current between VS and VD - it is the same current as for the STM32.  "Resoldered" every relevant connection, according to the schematics.  Is there something else I can measure to trace the problem?   Thank you for your time! 
  4. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Ok! Thank you for your explanation, it helped me a lot. You are the best !
  5. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Thank you for your help!   It's really educational how you are approaching this problem Thorsten, thank you for sharing this!!!   I think I didn't formulate myself precisely enough. Sorry for that. Actually the 4x16 BLM is running fine with my SEQV4, but I just don't understand the code (mostly because of line 230: "sr = (((blm_selected_column-1)&0x3) << 1) + side;").    I will try to rethink it with Thorsten's approach. But Gridracer and T.K. - Thank your for your time and support!!!!!   Best Regards, manu.    P.s. Now I finally reenabled the automatic mail notification, so I will respond faster next time, sorry...
  6. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    I would like to understand the file mios32/trunk/modules/blm/blm.c .    I have a clear impression until line 230, in BLM_GetRow :       sr = (((blm_selected_column-1)&0x3) << 1) + side;   This changes everything. I just don't get the numbering of the button rows. It seems as row 1 (counting from 0) and row 3 are flipped. But where are they beeing reflipped?   The BLM_PrepareCol method, sets one of four cathodelines on low voltage via blm_selected_column. So if blm_selected_column is 0 (which it always will be after beeing 3) the row, closest to a person sitting in front of the machine ("row 6 and 7") is at low voltage and ready to register any button changes. At the next turn, when blm_selected_column is 1, the second closest row to a person sitting in front of the machine would be ready to register any button changes. But when blm_selected_column is 1,  sr is set to 0, so any changes for row 0 would be registered. But when running the program this row is corresponds to row 4 for the left side and row 5 for the right side. Where is my mistake? Here is an overview over blm_selected_column and the resulting sr value:    blm_selected_column - 0, sr - 6 (in the end row 6) blm_selected_column - 1, sr - 0 (in the end row 4) blm_selected_column - 2, sr - 2 (in the end row 2) blm_selected_column - 3, sr - 4 (in the end row 0)   (The row_offset for the LED's is pretty simple and clear - line 182)   Thank you for your time!
  7. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Great, I will have a look at it. Thorsten, you are incredible!!!!!! Thank you.  :rolleyes:
  8. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Thank you for your answer Thorsten, I didnt see it until now. Strange, normally I also get an email... :: )   The BLM is working and all the other components are working too but if I load the SEQV4 software with the BLM enabled, the interaction is edgy. The GP encoders are reacting somehow irregular and without touching the machine, notes are beeing triggered, note values are beeing changed randomly, and so on. If I disable the BLM everything is working nice and precisely (If I load the apps/examples/blm/ app the blm is running stable too).    Has any of you experienced such an effect with a 4x16 BLM connected?    Is the STM32 perhaps not strong enough?   Or is it more likely an electrical issue and I have to shield the cables (it is really packed in my case and the wires are very close to each other)?  Which material could I use to shield the wires?   I'm grateful about any idea.   Thank you for time.
  9. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Thank you for your answer, Thorsten!  :rolleyes:   I was actually able to fix this one too. I could see that in the connector to the DIN Board one wire didn't look good. Despite this wire (number 10) wasn't connected on the other side, I changed the connector and now it is working! Yippee.   I guess somehow the bad connector conducted some current between the button row and column, so that the row was constantly lighting. But I don't know much about electronics.  
  10. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

      I was able to fix this one. There was an internal connection from the PCB not working, so I did a shortcut around it. 
  11. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    I finally changed all the red LED's to white ones - very bright!   I feel the hardware-building near the end, but I still have some few problems with the BLM, if anyone has an idea, I would be very grateful.   When I connect a 4 rows times 16 columns BLM-Module with the software "trunk/apps/examples/blm" everything is working fine but:    2 seconds after boot, row 16 is constantly lighting. When I change the button-row connectors at the DIN module of the two sides, the row 8 is constantly lighting. So I guess there is something wrong with the button column 16. But what could that be? Pressing any button at this row has no effect (no light, no debug message in MIOS-Studio). I tested all the connections in this row and I tested the diodes.  Everything else is working fine, except this one button: column 1, row 2. Sometimes it is working, but then all the button in the same column are triggered as well, but mostly this one button doesn't work. Could I measure something meaningful?    Thank you. 
  12. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    They are indeed are little bit brighter....Thank you again for your time and help!! My first "version" running -..... I have still some stuff to fix - for example, I used on some BLM LED's not as bright LED's as on other ones - MISTAKE! and big difference in brightness!!. But there is the possibility to solder SMD LED's instead, so I dont have to buy new PCB's... ::::::::.... I'm so amazed by the software"!!!!!!!! SEQV4 is the greatest (midi-)sequencer you can have in 2012!!!!!!!! THANKs to EVERYBODY involved!
  13. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    No problem! If I would have had more knowledge about electronics, I guess it would have been obvious.....but I'm working on it... Does it make a difference if the resistor networks are connected or not? :: )
  14. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    It took a bit longer than expected, but finally I tested what you (Thorsten) proposed: It didnt worked, as you described. ... By luck two friends from India came by (one hardware - && one software specialist) and we looked together at the circuit. Their opinion was that the DOUT module couldn't work without the serial resistors connected, which I didnt solder on the board - because of the following description from this schematics "NOTE: the 220 Ohm Resistors on the two DEFAULT_SRM_DOUT_CATHODES* Registers should be removed." I dont know if I completely misunderstood these words, but when we tested with exactly the same configuration with a DOUT module with all four 220Ohm resistor networks connected everything worked fine... So, finally "everything" is working - I will just finish and then post a little picture.. !!!!! THANKS EVERYBODY FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP !!!!!!!!!! you are great. ucapps is great. midibox is great. TK. is great!
  15. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Thank you very very much! !! I will test as soon as possible !! :: )