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  1. MIDIBOX Seq V4 complete working unit White acrylic front panel and black wooden enclosure. 2x midi IO (4 in, 4 outs) usb port and power supply, with on/off switch, sd card included The item is in Italy 550€ +shipping
  2. dadacore


    wow! where did you find that usb-B connector?
  3. nope, are non latching, Normally open momentary tactile switches, kind of the ones of a '80s keyboard such as an AtariST or similar. What puzzles me is: if switches are supposed to be already connected two pins by two pins, this could be the same as using a 2 pin switch and jumpering the other two on the board? But my head hurts when I look at the schem below .
  4. sorry guys for resurrecting this dead thread, but don't wanted to make a new one for this. I was about to build a Seq v4 with wilba frontpanel when I found really fancy buttons from an old video titler. Strange footprint but I don't mind etching an adapter pcb. The doubt is: it's possible to use 2 pin SPST switches also in place of the 1-16 step buttons?
  5. So to summarize (I got confused with the newest and older versions), if I'd want to build a SEQ v4 with midi and OSC ethernet support and I'd like to use a custom interface with a C64keyboard I'll have to find: a MBHP_CORE_LPC17 from Smash; a LPCXPRESSO from Mouser; Encoders and LEDs (provided I do already have the switches); two LCDs from ebay; an SD stot and a card with IDC cables; Caps, diodes resistors, veroboards and ICs; Nice knobs; Should it be all? :-) dan
  6. Hello guys I'm new to the forum. i'm trying to repair my yamaha rm1x midi sequencer, some tactile switches under the black and white keys are gone, but I'm not able to find the right replacement. from the service manual: Tact Switch SKQNAM004A, nothing more.. I guess if somebody had succeeded in finding the right ones, or a good substitute and if they really work.. please if somebody did let me know dan
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