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  1. Add LCD's to a BCF2000

    Ok, I'm beginning to understand. Sorry to imply I was looking for a step-by-step (well, I'll take it if it's available!). I'm willing to learn and apply, though. I did some more searching and found this thread again: which to me implies that I would be connecting the Midi Thru from the BCF to the Midi In on the midibox LC. To answer your last question, the BCF2000 receives the Mackie Control stream directly from the DAW. BCFView is not required at all, it's just an emulation of the original MCU LCD's. In fact, in the BCFView application, you need to select the Midi device for the application to receive it's data from (i.e., the BCF2000), so the idea of connecting the midibox via the thru port of the BCF2000 seems to make sense. It looks like I'd have about $50US invested in this. If it works, I think it would be worth it. It would still be nice to see someone's completed version of this, though. It appears there are lots of people who have had this idea, but all the threads discussing it end with no confirmation that it actually HAS been done.
  2. Add LCD's to a BCF2000

    Thanks for the reply. So it sounds like I had the hardware wrong too, so thanks for the correction. But I'm still unclear on how the displays get their information. In my current setup, the BCF (in Mackie emulation mode) is sending the proper information to the BCFView application. Does the existing Midibox software understand the same information? And how are the displays physically connected to the BCF? As I said, I searched the forum and did find others who seemed to be doing the same thing, but the threads I found are not complete. I really appreciate the help and the hand holding.
  3. Add LCD's to a BCF2000

    I'm pretty sure I'm asking a very noobish question. I have searched on the forums and wiki, but have not found the answers in a way I can understand. I use a Behringer BCF2000 8 channel controller with Reaper. I have all the functionality of a Mackie MCU EXCEPT for no scribble strips (LCD display). Since I'm on Windows, I do have the luxury of using Behringer's BCFView, which is a small application that emulates the LCD display of a Mackie. But the BCFView still must be on my computer screen, so there is a disconnect between the display and the actual controller. What I would like to do is to add a two line display that I could physically attach to the BCF2000, that would display the same information I presently see in the BCFView application. I believe the hardware side of this is relatively easy. I THINK all I need are: Core LPC17 module PCB (2) 2x40 LCD displays Power supply If I'm missing hardware from that list, please help. But I have no clue about how the software side of things. How would the new displays know what to show? Thanks in advance for any insight.