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  1. Get Button Feedback From VST Software?

    Yes, these are the ones that you can automate in Live. Thanks a lot for your efforts! Maybe I will ask at Audiorealsim, if they have an idea.
  2. Get Button Feedback From VST Software?

    I am running Ableton Live 8 on Windows XP (32bit).
  3. Get Button Feedback From VST Software?

    I DID a forum search, but as I see now used the wrong keywords maybe. As my first thoughts now failed (see above), I will take a closer look to your posts there, to see wether I could use this. Thank you! OK, I read this through without looking at all this code. It seems that this woul near the solution to my needs, but no treach it, because this requeires either messages from the VST Plugin, or rewriting the whole sequencer into the LED processing code...wich might be not so easy, as I know only very basic things about programming and no experience in C. So at the moment this all looks like I can give up my idea unless I get into this programming stuff?!
  4. Hi! I am currently thinking about building a MIDIbox, if the following is possible: I want a dedicated hardware controller for "Audiorealism Bassline 2" (see here). This has some knobs, where no problems should occur. But I also want to control the sequencer, because otherwise, the dedicated controller makes no sense, right (because I could use any existing controller that has 9 knobs/faders, and I already have a M-Audio Radium49)?! The sequencer works step wise and thus, the state of each buton changes, dependin on the step teh software is currently at. The seqeuncer buttons are MIDI asignable, I already checked. But can I make a MIDIbox (which one?) that has some LEDs or even light buttons that receive these changed states? Example: Step 1 is a C, Step 2 is a D. When I switch from Step 1 to Step 2 via the step advance button, the LEDs/Buttons schould change, so now the "D" corresponding LED is lighted and not the "c" as in the step before. Is this possible? And if yes, would a MIDIbox64 or 64E do this? Do I have to write some difficult programm for this?
  5. MIDIbox 64 "babystep" tutorial?

    Thank you both for your answer! The WIKI I already read through, but I think it is about time to do it again, as I gained much more knowledge since then. Of course I will check the other sources, too. And soon I will come up with a special question, I promise ;-)
  6. MIDIbox 64 "babystep" tutorial?

    Hi! I stumbled over the MIDIbox in search for specialized MIDI Controllers and got rather excited. After reading a lot about it, I am not sure if I can do it. And the info I got till here is quite confusing to me, as I never did something more than making a single LED light with a 9V battery.... So I was glad to find a tutorial on the MIDIbox64 wich would be sufficend for my project by Tor Arne Vestbø (I'd like to thank him here). But for me this looks a little rough and I am missing steps with detailes pictures there, also I really appreciate that someone even considered to write something like this! Is there a walkthrough for real dummies like me? I bet most of you now think, I should stop here and give in with this big lack of knowledge. But I still cannot really say, If this is something I can do, because I have no detailed Idea about what to do. Some basic soldering should be possible, with the help of my brother who has (at least some) experience. The website is not really helping on this, and the WIKI also just covers some of my concerns... Sorry, if I am not writing so fluid, I am from Germany. Greetings from here ;-)