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  1. problems with SSD1306 displays

    Ok, I will try to put a heatsink on it and observe if that fixes the problem. I didn´t think, a 7805 would be so sensitive regarding the heat. Thanks for the advice.     Me neither. I suspected some kind of error with my email provider, but since others seem to be affected too,....   my regards
  2. 64 Buttons Midibox

    Hallo,   ich glaube, Du brauchst ein anderes event: EVENT_BUTTON_MATRIX id=1........... Schau mal hier rein, das ist ein Beispiel für die Verwendung von Tastermatrizen.   Gruß
  3. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hi and welcome,   just a few question to get a feeling for your situation:   1.Where did you get the PIC? From SmashTV, where you got the module pcbs? 2.Did you install the operation system mios1.9g before you uploaded the MF firmware? 3.How did you flash the bootloader? Via Midi or via PIC burner? 4. What LPC17 app did you use to upload the MF firmware?   Those are just a few preliminary question too what we are up against  :happy: .   I don´t think the device ID is an issue, it will be 0, if you didn´t change it yourself. You would need a special app to do so.   my regards
  4. problems with SSD1306 displays

    Yes, the 7805 runs pretty hot, around 60°-80° C. But according to the datasheet, this temperature is well within the acceptable range.       I think so. When I was assembling my box, I first had 2 displays connected, then 8, then 14 and finally 18, before I closed my box. I did a lot of experiments along the way in every stage except in the last. There I connected the last 4 displays, did some test and closed the box. I didn´t encounter any problems like that to that point, except for the other issues I mentioned above (txt56 error, artifacts and missing pixels).    But as I think of it now, I did power the core only via usb to that point and had the MF modules powered by a seperate psu (a laboratory psu), because I wanted to try different voltages for the fader without effecting the core module. I connected the core to a psu power when I put everything together into the case. After that the displays sometimes become unstable.
  5. problems with SSD1306 displays

    Hi,   I´m using a switchable psu, regulated I think. AC to DC Adaptor. I set it to 14V, 2,3A output and it´s getting warm, but not hot. I need a little more voltage to drive my penny&giles faders. I´ve never paid any attention to any currency fluctuations, because I always thought that the 7805 on the LP17 Core would level all incoming currency to 5V anyway (if the fluctuations stay above 5V, of course).     This shows the change of the second message line of track 1. I understand now, that byte 7 (38 in these cases) define the offset for the lcd message. Here it seems that Ableton always updates the whole line if the messeage on the second line is changing (byte 7 "38" never changes when I text changes on another track), while Reaper only changes the message of the track that is modified.   So, I think that the issue at hand might be related to the 8th byte of a sysex message for the mcu, since it is always the first character on the second line (Ableton: only 1.track; Reaper tracks 1-8) that reacts this way. Again, this may be a minor discovery, so it´s just a mere guess from my side. This whole sysex thing also is very new to me.     And just a small update on the missing pixels on my displays:   I got the UpdateLcd event to work inside a NGR script, so currently I´m working on a script that can update the lcds a couple of times when particular midi events are sent to or received from Reaper. What I don´t understand yet, is why the motors of my fader always react on a meta event. I have to figure out a way to exclude them, when I want to perform an lcd update.     Ok, that´s it for today....Sorry for blowing this whole thing up like this. I realise, there might be bigger things to adress, so.....   Many thanks for reading and chipping in.... :flowers: .   My regards
  6. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Yes, those are the designated touchsensor events of a mackie control for the faders 1-4. You can also check here, that´s a chart for all the midi events which gets sent by the mcu.   First, why I mentioned a laptop. If you are using it on battery power, that could cause a lot of jitter while touching the faders. Don´t ask me why, I can´t exactly explain it, but I experienced this with my first MF module. As soon as I plugged in the power of my laptop, the jitter stopped. So, I suggest, you try this first.   Second, if you didn´t connect the remaining (unused) AIN pins of J2 to ground, then a lot of random jitter is expected. But this jitter would be limited to the fader events and wouldn´t include the touchsensor events. In your case a lot of random pitchbend events on several channels (fader events of a mcu => Pitchbend chn 1-9). So I still believe there is some kind of wiring problem related with the touchsensors.       There is a little dot on the networks, that marks the common ground pin of all the resistors. For a MF module you would need two 5pin networks closely to J14 or IC6 (I can´t look on my own modules right now, sorry. They´re already built in). But only 4 of those pins are resistors, the 5th is the ground pin for the 4 resistors. On the pcbs from SmashTV the soldering points for a resistor network usually consist of some round points (resistors) and 1 square point (ground pin).
  7. Recommend a DAW?

    If you look into Reaper´s (in resp. Cockos´) bussines model, you´ll see, that it is actually ~250$. but IF you are a person who wants to use it for non-commercial purposes or very small businesses, you get a discounted price of ~60$. This makes sure that everybody, even with a small wallet, can use a full-featured and professional daw.   But it is a bit funny though. Everything good HAS TO cost a lot of money these days.When something really good comes along that doesn´t cost that much, it automatically arouses suspicion.   P.S.: Of course you could pay the non-discounted price, if that makes you feel any better about it  :D .
  8. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Yes, that could be a problem and cause a lot of jitter. If you don´t connect the other faders yet, you have to connect the remaining AIN pins at J2 directly to ground.   Still, since your problem is focused on the touchsensors I believe there might be a problem with the touchsensor "section" of the MF module. You could check all the soldering points in that area. Are IC6 and both resistor networks put in the right way?   If you are using a laptop, is it connected to the psu the whole time or do you run it on battery. That might also be a cause for jitter.
  9. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Strange... I thought, the false touchsensor connections were causing this. I had the same kind of error once (endless note on/of streams, fighting motors,...) and this was caused by falsly connecting the touchsensor.     Are your faders working otherwise, if you are turning of the touchsensors? This can also be done via "touchsensor mode".
  10. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    It might be, that you made a mistake connecting the touchsensors to the MF module. E.g. Fader 2 could be connected to the touchsensor pin of fader 1. Check again, if you connected every touchsensor to the right pins at J14. The order of the touchsensor pins is different then the order of the fader connections at J2.
  11. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Yes.   Finger on -> Note on event Finger off -> Note off event (its a cc event in the motormix emulation, don´t be confused)   Right above the sensitivity slider is a drop down menu ("touchsensor mode"), there you can select "like previous, but additionally motors will be suspended". I would recommend this option to assure, that the motors won´t move, while you touch the sensor. 
  12. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Yes, this is correct and the touch sensor is working just fine  :happy: .   You have to adjust the touchsensor Sensitivity in the callibration tool though. I think 3 or 4 might be ok for your faders. The goal is to set the sensitivity just right, so that a note on event is triggered, when you touch the sensor and a note off event when you lift your finger off the sensor.   The touch sensor doesn´t need a ground connection, because your finger acts as one.
  13. Recommend a DAW?

    I can highly recommend Reaper, too. Over the years I had the chance to try out all the major daws on the market and every time I came back to Reaper. I can´t really add anything more to what Duggle already stated here, but what made me stay with Reaper in the end is the huge flexibility and one of the greatest communities I´ve ever seen. Also its developement is highly transparent, new updates almost weekly, direct contact to the developers on the forum,... 
  14. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

      Yes, all faders share 5v and ground. Only the wiper gets its own connection (A0 to A7 on J2).
  15. problems with SSD1306 displays

    Hi,   I´d just like to give a little update on my display situation.   1. I filled all my 18 displays up with info now. Since I skipped over every second shift register on the DOUT module, there are no artifacts any more, but when I start up my box there are a lot of pixel information missing on the screen (like in the second display in the third image above). I have to execute the UpdateLcd meta event several times to restore all the pixels. This also happens when Information on the screens is changing and mostly the displays connected to the DOUT module are affected (so, #9 and above). For the missing pixels at startup I tried to use a *.ngr script as a workaround, but I got an error message in Mios Studio saying that this meta event (UpdateLcd) was not valid.   Imo, this problem might be connected to the MB_NG firmware. When I upload the bootloader there seems to be nothing wrong with the all the displays. When I type "store" into the terminal the LCD info (e.g. LCD #22.1 and so on..) is printed on all screens with no problems. Just a guess though....   1. Another big problem came up. After a while (sometimes after 5 min, sometimes after 2 hours) all the displays suddenly go dark and slowly fade in again. All the info on the screens is still there, but kinda messed up (gibberish characters, shifted positions). The faders, encoders and buttons seem to work as usual. A new startup seems to fix this. I have no idea what could cause this.   my regards
  16. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Well, that´s good to know  :smile: .   Good luck
  17. Selected Track Led

    Hi, I believe, there already is an option in the hardware config file to set this up.   Look for:       inside the config file.   my regards
  18. MF_NG Modul "No Response from Core"

    Ihr könntet mal schauen, ob der Core denn ein Upload request von sich gibt, wenn Ihr auf query drückt. Also am besten noch mal rebooten (strom ab und an), dann in Mios Studio query drücken und schauen, ob auf der linken Seite im Mios Studio (Unter Midi IN) so was steht wie "f0 00 00 7e 40 00 01 f7".
  19. MF_NG Modul "No Response from Core"

    Wenn Ihr versehentlich den bootloader via midi aufgespielt habt, kann es sein, dass Ihr Euren PIC beschädigt habt. Bei dem PIC, den Ihr von Mike bekommen habt, ist der ja schon drauf. Was fehlt, ist dann das Mios_v1.9g, das via midi aufgespielt werden muss und anschließenden die Firmware (z.b. für die MF Module). Sollte der PIC wirklich beschädigt sein, müsste der bootloader erneut eingebrannt werden.   Zunächst aber solltet Ihr mal hier reinschauen. Das ist eine Art Troubleshooting Guide für alle Fälle. Dort werden verschiedene Schritte beschrieben, die unternommen werden können, um herauszufinden, was an Eurem Modul nicht stimmt. Es könnt beispielsweise auch einfach sein, dass Euer USB-MIDI Kabel nicht geeignet für Sysex Meldungen ist, das kann auch getestet werden.   Alternativ ein paar checks, die ich in einem solchen Fall einfach zur Sicherheit alle durchgehe:   1. USB-MIDI Kabel eingesteckt 2. Richtiger IN und OUT Port im Mios Studio gewählt 3. Midiverbindung zum Modul richtig herum (IN->OUT und OUT->IN) 4. Stromversorgung vom Modul aktiv   P.S.: Dass die Spannungswandler sehr heiß werden, ist normal, hängt aber auch von der EIngangsspannung ab.   Gruß
  20. Motorized Pots on an MB-808?

      no, it´s connected via midi. It works more like a standalone unit, because it has its own PIC core and midi in/out connections. That makes it very flexibel. The LPC17 Core has two native midi in/out connections and 2 more can be added with a small extension board, so 4 midi ins/outs in total. Atm, you can connect 4 MF modules at 1 LPC core. The income midi messages from the MF modules can be translated into whatever midi event you need.
  21. Motorized Pots on an MB-808?

    Hi,   Motorpots are not that easy to find, that is true, but they´re there, they can be found on eBay. The problem is, that they move very slowly compared to motorfaders. The fastest I ever found need 12 seconds (!) for a 300° turn, that´s from one end to the other. I too considered them once for my midibox, because I wanted to have the "analog" feeling but didn´t want to use motorfaders, because they need a lot of space. But 12 seconds for a full turn seems way too long to be a practical, especially while jamming.   my regards
  22. high latency when receiving CC from daw

    Hi,   Thanks for the info. I´m not sure how to achieve this in Reaper yet, but with Ableton Live this is possible, there is a dedicated control on every mixer track. This works only, if the SEQ4 acts as a slave, though, but this is fine with me.   my regards
  23. high latency when receiving CC from daw

    Hi,   today I tried syncing my SEQ4 to Reaper as a slave which works very well.   Then I tried to send CCs (events on the timeline on an automation lane) from Reaper to my SEQ4 in order to change the patterns which works, but most of the time with a very high delay. The pattern change happens to late, the first note of a new pattern gets left out or comes from the old pattern. The same happens with Ableton Live, too. Is here someting I can do to avoid this?   Thanks   my regards
  24. problems with SSD1306 displays

    In fact I do rely on the mackie protocoll, my whole midibox design is orientated that way.   I want to use the mackie protocoll from klinke, a guy over at the Reaper community. He modified the native protocoll (from Reaper) in a way, that turned the MCU into the most sophisticated control surface I´ve ever seen. That´s where I´m heading with my box...   my regards
  25. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    OK, try and swap the motor pins, or alternatively the power suply lines of the fader (0%-100%). What Faders are you using?