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  1. Hi nebula, I will add it. Edit: I have change it, hopefully I have placed in on the right position in the wiki: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=parts and here under encoder "FORUM LINKS": http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=encoders greetz Jonas
  2. I had have a look for the link, but sorry I didn't found it. Struggling around with four browsers and setting up my system new for about 1 year - there is a lot of stuff going to digital hell! :whistle: But I keep my eyes off, maybe there is one day I will find it randomzised :sorcerer: :)
  3. Here is the eagle library I use: Encoder PANASONIC EVEQDBRL416B greetz Jonas
  4. A good hint was made from jojjelito , so I started building a new pcb with the following requirements: - single sided, so you can fetch it by yourself - SMD support (I never done SMD [or "SMT" how you english folks call it] before, but watching some videos It should be quite doable. - containing: headers for lcpexpresso, DOUTs, DINs, USB for MIDI, AOUT for drum voice boards - additonal wiring for simplifying is allowed for : IO-lines to DIN, DOUT, AOUT VCC- and ground-lines - containing not: power supply I will use this encoders, because of there are: -affordable -robust -easy to get I need to go a head and start doing some eagle stuff right now. So stay on! greetz Jonas
  5. I just take a fast picture of the board I am currently developing. greetz Jonas
  6. :thumbsup: You are right :D
  7. Hi again jojjelito ;), That's what I would prefer - the huge, main and unthinkable good taking job - was made by Thomas Klose! Not only what he was / is doing, but although he's great afford to share all that doctor like work with us ;) Thomas Klose for good! greetz jonas
  8. Yes you are totally right. Like I mentioned in my first post ;) Stay on! greetz Jonas
  9. Hi jojjelito, Good to hear you have some CEM Chips - and maybe one of them survived your child-hood:) When we already have a talk about electric-child-hood - I am doing electronic stuff for about three or four years. But I don't claim to know anything about it ;) But the minimoog filter is almost easy to build and it sounds like wonder! No digital-filter whatever else I heard (analog modeling, spectral-morphing...how they ever called them, and so on...) have this sound! So keep up man! You are absolutly Welcome! greetz Jonas
  10. Hi jojjelito, Have a look again, there is one for matched BC547's vcf I build them, so I should know what I am talking about ;) I will take a phote when, I am at home... I got a source for CEM Chips in Germany, but I need to find the link if you want it? greetz Jonas
  11. Hi jojjelito, I build this one (it's sounds famous!): Moog VCF Easy to build, all parts available, only think you need to match some pairs of transistors... Keep a try! greetz jonas
  12. Hello,

    I am Jonas Biensack alias >stilz<. I am a software developer with some electronic skills.

    I build a modular synthesizer, some TR909 voice boards and do a lot of programming mc'S and pc's.

    I love electro music! I was on the loved parade - on her last year in Berlin.

    Feel free to contact me!!!

    PEACE - ma...

  13. Hi jojjelito, thank you for your reply. But I don't what to port that beast, I will use a mb808 - seq4 mixed user interface. The final specs has to be discussed with my brother, so we are thinking about that... I need to sleep ;) Good night greetz Jonas
  14. So here is a fast picture I made to show you the pcb 's - like normally they look totally different to what the really look like. They are razor sharp edged. I am still totally happy how easy it is, after a little bit practice to edge pcb :) Right now I need to go to bed. Good Night!
  15. I am Jonas, writing from germany. This blog may be a place where I put some stuff, showing the process of building my own MB808-Clone. I have to say I am not alone in this battle :) My brother just joined in my little group of infected people. So what we do so far? We just etched two voice boards from microLarge containing the basedrum, snardrum, claps and maracas. I although got an lpcexpresso board so I can have a look in the sequencer code running. Write now I am developing a base board for all the user interface stuff like switches, leds, and encoders. I would like to minimize "cable salad" in the case so I 'm planning to include all the DIN, DOU, AOUT-boards in the baseboard. I will take some pictures the next time so stay on! have a nice day! Jonas
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