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  1. Wts midibox seq4 pcb kit

    Hello. I have bought some time ago those pcb, but wont build them. They are the pcb you need for a midibox seq 4 -seq4 controller board pcb -i/o midi board pcb -mbhp core stm32f4 pcb   The 3 are quoted 52 +6.30 =58.30(postage to eu) dollars on modular addict. Please make me an offer in euro, postage included.basically i want to get ride of them so first  reasonnable offer would have it. Ideal if you want to save some bucks. Pcb are untouched, pics by mail. Im am in france, europe, and dont think it worth it going outside eu for postage waitingfor your offer Flo  
  2. so if i understand well, you need those 5mm "spacers" to be able to use a panel with the encoder pcb monuted that's it?? By the way these new electronic site has really good price for sure for example the alps encoders are at 1,87e at reichelt and 1,20 at this one!!!
  3. [FS] Midi Stuf PCB and Projekt

    hello  english spoken??? thanks
  4. [FS] MB6582 Parts

    why did i miss that:...
  5. [SOLD] MB6582 PanelSet

    i'm in for it!! pm'ed
  6. My seq 4- diverse asking/help needed! thanks!

    so let's go for the final list of things i need to run : my seq:     -Maybe kingsbright leds if i go for them.   -1 10 pin flat ribbon cable with   -2 female idc connector 10 pin =>for connecting J1 on the frontpanel to j8/j9 on the lpc module (only conncation between the  boards??? What is for the "SO" pin hole on j1 on the frontpanel?? you should not connect it...??   -2 16 pins flat ribbon -2 female idc connectors to =>To connect the screens to the lpc     and the mounting hardware . Is that all????   thanks flo
  7. My seq 4- diverse asking/help needed! thanks!

    was a lonely saturday evening.....   But not really boring:     But's it's far from end, and a usual i'm pissed off me, because i wsn't able to order all that  i need in advance, and now blocked....   Will try to make a list here, hope someone wille help me to validate it, and will make the mios studio thing in the core now....     About the leds:   TK: "If a suitable bicolour LED doesn't exist, I could add an option to the firmware which inverts the GP LED instead of activating a second colour."   sorry, idon't understand that... What is "invert the GP"   ?? semi lighted??  you can have a good result without dual colors leds without loss of funcctionality??? (sorry i don't read the manual for instance, just want to build it as soon as possible to play with it....)   many thanks for explanations!!
  8. debut seq 4

    From the album seq 4

  9. My seq 4- diverse asking/help needed! thanks!

    ok thanks for your answer!! not sure if i will not just stick with the kits one... After all functionality is here... anyway i'm just soldering the lpc board now... the nxp board splittage was rude, hope it will work after that....
  10. i had the chance to have a seq 4 kit from smash ( long wait, but can't be more happy).   I usually ever use kingsbright flat top leds when i solder.   I don't read for instance the manual ( will certainly not read it before some build), so i don't know what deserve the bicolor leds.   My set is around a red light scheme so i hope to replace the kits leds, if not too complicated.   I want to use kingbrights reds flat tops led instead of the green one.   AND IWANT TO FOUND BICOLOR RED/BLUE . If the blue is not eye burner. Do you know if it exist??? any advice???      thanks!!  
  11. solved........bad usb cable..... i'm a bit ashamed..... thanks
  12. Hi all!   I am starting a seq v4 build. I have the pcb and most of the part, and it seem a very simple and powerful build except that...... I cannot use my lcpxpresso 1769 : It's not recognised by my computer... And i can't  flash anything with the pc... It discoouraged me to start the build....   My problem really seem the same than here: http://www.lpcware.com/content/forum/lpc1769-xpressomore-extra-long-cafe-latte   I have very few free time, so i want to know if someone has a solution i would be amazed......    Or maybe if someone near france is open can i hope he flash the card for me,??      many thanks..   flo  
  13. hello at all! i am on the point to start a seq v4 build. Although i already ordered a ponoko case, i discover recently these swiths and switch caps:   http://www.mutable-instruments.net/forum/discussion/4044/help-me-identify-these-switch-caps-please#Item_6   do you think i can use them as a bare replacement of the satndard switch on the wilba seq 4 pcb...??? thanks for your answer bye flo
  14. my 6582 build

    i have put a switch on the fan, change nothing about the noise, surely come from psu??
  15. my 6582 build

    Hi so no one as an advice on psu or fan connection??? etherway, i will put  a switch on the fan..thanks!