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  1. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    yeah yeah :pinch:
  2. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    couldn't you get a converter? i use a euro to us convertor for some of my euro gear.
  3. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    hey peter! i will definitely A/B test it. However, i burnt about 3 pads on one of the pcb's. but i found a kit where you can actually replace the burnt pad with a new one. I'm currnetly building 3 shruthi1-s so all of my money went into sourcing chips etc, so i will go back to the mb6582 soon as i get paid :)
  4. Custom Power Supply for mb6582

    hey fellas, there's a ebay seller offering custom psu's for c64, i bought one, but won't have a chance to test for some time. but thought i'd share.
  5. Ebay SID vendor

    hi, sorry i haven't been able to test them because i burnt two pads so it's on hold. i spoke with him on many occassions and he sounds sincere if that's worth any value.
  6. mb_6582 Power Supply

    thanks Janis, I still need to know what exactly do i connect what is stated in the consturction guide vs the link i provided. the pcb eagle file shows no 2 pin, 3 pin headers.
  7. mb_6582 Power Supply

    Hi guys, i found a link where someone already had designed a pcb for a power supply this is great, however i'm stuck wondering how does this connect/work with the mb6582? am i still using the DIN plug to hook the powersupply? or do i use one of those 2/3 pin power connectors and somehow connect those to my mb6582? scratching my head. thanks!
  8. C64 PSU Variants

    that's great dude, i'd totally be interested! good luck
  9. Have all the remaining parts for mb6582, time to test and finish CS

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jojjelito


      See it as a learning experience. Keep at it and you'll end up with really nice boards that sound fantastic

    3. moonk


      absolutely, it was very frustrating, but it definitley didnt deter my motivation. I'm going to attempt to bridge the burnt pads together. *crossing fingers*

    4. rosch


      longest ever to complete? hehe that must be me!

  10. Cheap crimp tool

    i'm getting frustrated every time i see reichelt.. grrr :) is there a model name for this? Us people in the u.s. can't get anything delivered from that store(well at least for me) i bought a crimp tool, but the crimp dies are useless. thanks.
  11. hi guys, here's an alternative link to the flat red 3mm led's. I tried to order from reichert but they won't ship to the u.s. cheers.
  12. The Art of Crimping

    links broken thought you should know
  13. MidiBox TWINsid proto V1

    a big mac of a sammich! great work
  14. Ebay SID vendor

    hi there, i buy from sidcollector on ebay he's super nice and super fast!
  15. A new MB6582 is born

    great work man, absolutely loving those heatsinks.. looks so cool, almost don't want to cover them up! :)