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  1. MB SID not working

    Hi there, I'm building a midibox SID with 1 core and 2 8580s and I'm having a problem. My SID isn't working properly - but weirdly, the test-tone application works, and even weirder, the interconnection test does NOT work. When I simply boot up the core and 1 SID (I've tried switching them, the same problem with both boards) and play some midi notes (tried both a keyboard and MIOS), I get no sound. Yet the test-tone works fine. I have tested the conductivity and as far as I can tell both boards are connected fine. One thing I was confused about, is the lack of an MD port on the SID, when there is a space for it on J10 of the core, also having no connection between the SC port as illustrated in the connection diagrams. Are these anything to be worried about? Also with the interconnection test, no matter what I play, all the pins that the test should change are held at 0.27V which is also pretty strange. I know the SID works because I got it making sound a couple of years ago, it just had no control surface then, and I can't remember how I connected it then, so its possible I did connect something differently. I brought it out again now to finish it and have run into this problem. I have tested all the core and SID voltages and both are fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  2. Power module

    Hi all!   So after venturing down the midibox 64 road a little while ago, I have now developed an interest in building a midibox SID!   I already have 2x 6581's and 2x 8580's on their way (still not sure if I'll make two seperate sammich-esque stereo synths or one with all four), and regarding the power to the 6581's, I was wondering if something like this is worth buying for my setup:   http://au.element14.com/myrra/47246/power-supply-4w-5vdc-12vdc-reg/dp/1825798http://au.element14.com/myrra/47246/power-supply-4w-5vdc-12vdc-reg/dp/1825798   Thank you :)
  3. IIC capacitive touch

    Hi all,   I'm thinking of designing a new controller for general use with various programs on my computer, and to fit with what I want I will probably be using the midibox NG project. However, I was thinking it would be really cool to incorporate this capacitive touch sensor into my design: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9695   So for a person with only a basic understanding of electronics and programming, is anyone able to help suggest ways to implement this into my design?   Thanks :) 
  4. Pots not working properly

    thank you Janis! I had the connections of the J6 wired wrong. Now the pots are all working fine and I have assigned them to different things in Traktor. Only thing is, when the music is paused, everything works fine, then as soon as I press play on one of the decks, all of the pots send out the value of either 0 or 127, turning all the faders right down/up. Does anyone know how to overcome this? Thank you
  5. Pots not working properly

    Recompliling is when you use cmd to make a new hex file isn't it? if so, i've done that. The pots are 10K but just some cheap ones from eBay, I have tested them with a multimeter and they all go from 0-5V: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20pcs-Potentiometer-Pot-B10K-10K-Linear-shaft-15mm-/160573866115?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item2562f2c083 The other 4 pots are faders brought from little bird electronics: http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/slide-potentiometer-10k attached is my setup_midibox64.asm file Thanks! setup_midibox64.asm
  6. Pots not working properly

    the setup_midibox64.asm file is configured to what I need it to be. Thanks anyway
  7. Pots not working properly

    Hi everyone! I recently ordered all the necessary parts to build a midibox64 and within a week, it was all ready! Once all the unused AIN inputs were grounded, I connected the core to the computer and there were no more random MIDI events. The problem was that I couldn't get ANY midi events when I moved the pots. I have 24 pots connected and after going through them all, only 3 (all attached to different multiplexers) of them actually send out midi events, and they change midi channels and what they control as you move them along. The wires are all connected properly so I'm pretty sure there are no problems with the circuitry. So can somebody please help! Thank you! :)
  8. LCD voltage

    thanks!!! :)
  9. LCD voltage

    Hi, I was about to order all the parts for my midibox when I came to the LCD. I'm buying the LCD from little bird electronics and on their site, they offer either 3.3V or 5V LCD's I was just wondering which one I would need to connect to a core 8 module? Thanks :)
  10. help with apps!

    Hi all, I am trying to make a 4-channel midi mixer to use in Traktor scratch pro. This will be my first midibox project and after spending some time reading on the wiki and uCApps I am fairly confident on the hardware side of things. However, I am still quite confused with the programming and apps side of things. I will be trying to build a box with: -22 rotary potentiometers for EQ, cue level and filters -5 slide potentiometers for volume and crossfader -1 rotary encoder for track select -13 buttons for cue, track loading and crossfader select -40 LED's for feedback on VU meters etc. because of the rotary encoder, I guess that I will need to build this box based on the midibox 64E platform (based on the PIC core)? Here is my question: I have no ability to program anything and can anyone tell me what apps I will need? are they all available from here?: http://www.ucapps.de/mios_download.html Also, for my requirements, will I need to edit of these apps to make them work for me? Thank you :)
  11. what do I need to buy?

    Hi all! I am a mewbie that wants to make a midi controller to control software such as traktor. I want to have: - 30 momentary push buttons - 10 potentiometers - 18 LED's After reading alot on the midibox site I'm guessing that I will have to buy: -1x core 8 kit + PCB with a PIC18F452 -1x AIN kit + PCB -1x DIN kit + PCB -1x DOUT kit + PCB Can anyone tell me if this is right? If not, what will I need. Thanks :)