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  1. Midibox for boosting cheap master keyboard?

    Hi hawkeye, thanks for the welcome. Ok, so merge the midibox and the rd-300sx output with the midi merger to control expanders. (Until now i thought midibox's midi in should be linked to rd-300sx's midi out and the other midi devices hooked up to the midibox's midi out) P.S: What can i use the switches/buttons for?
  2. Hello After viewing the projects, i have some questions: 1) Can you use a midibox for adding assignable controllers to a master keyboard who hasn't them? I have a Roland RD-300SX, which has 2 volume sliders for the upper and lower zones, pitch bend/modulation wheels, midi tx button where you can send msb, lsb, pc, pan, reverb, chorus, transpose, and select the channels, and 32 setups which can also store the midi tx settings for the 2 zones. As you can see this keyboard lacks of controllers. Can a midibox help me to overcome this lack? 2) Could i manage more than 2 expanders/sound modules/other midi stuff with the usb module (max 5x5) of a midibox? I knew that another limit of cheap stage pianos/master keyboards(like the RD-300SX) has only 1 midi output, so they can control just a single expander. 3) What midibox suits to me and my piano? (I was thinking to one with min 9 max 16 pots and sliders that i had seen time ago on this website but now i can't find it anymore) Thank you Arnaldo