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  1. MIDIbox logo library for Eagle CAD

    Hi, Just want to share the MIDIbox Logo I made for Eagle CAD. They are in 4 sizes, with and without text. Note: 'Pins' are on copper layer, then put it somewhere there's no traces. No cream. midibox_logo.lbr Best regards Bruno
  2. MIDIbox Logo for your eagle Board

  3. Okay, my google fu is not up to par, and this is my first go at KiCad, but: I've been trying to find schematic files I can open in KiCad (i.e. not pdf's) for the Midibox modules. How do you all do this? I "think" it's possible to import the .brd files in KiCad, if I use the nightly build. Not sure what's an efficient work flow.
  4. DXF to Eagle

    Hi all, As well as the common file format for pcb proto is .brd, I just found a nice trick for those like me who are used to work with DXF / AI etc..  This is a method on how to import DXF paths in Eagle trough HPGL format with inkscape. Found it very useful =) Maybe it could help some of you =) Regards, JK