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  1. Newbie help midi from daw to multi LCD

    Hi. Im new to the midibox, i got the link from a  friend. Im about to build me a new home-studio.   I got cubase and 2 behringer bcf2000 and one Presonos Masterfader.   All is working fine. But now i want to intergrade 8 to 16 lcd displays in to my desk.  I want to display vu-meters, trackname/number and any outher usefull info i can get out from the mackie-midi-out.   Iv seen some youtube-projects with the adurion and one lcd-display. but nothing with 8 or 16. If its not possible i can go with 4 lcd´s displaying sevreal tracks on the same lcd.   What should i buy. My friend said that i should get a MidiBox NG. I have 4 4x20 hdd44780 lcds at home, but with the china-prices a can buy new models if the hd44780 is a bad lcd.     So first of all i need to now what to buy. So i start in the right end.