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  1. Hi all!   Thought you might like to see my synth! It uses a MB-6582 as the core, running through an SSM2044 filter module, controlled by an Arduino..   I only just realised that the Midibox SID has an analog CV out, but it was too late! I ended up coding an Arduino with a seperate envelope generator and CV out, with two modes - one is a dirty PWM output that mashes up the CV through some filthy capacitor filtering - this is what I'm using in the video clip.. I've since added a seperate DAC chip output for a cleaner CV, but since I liked the sound the PWM filter makes, I kept it, and added a switch to toggle between both modes.   I also cannibalized the C64 power supply, so now the whole unit all runs from a kettle lead on the back of the box..   There's some big faders on the left controlling the ADSR, which makes hands-on control of the filter a piece of cake, which is crucial when you're in the midst of a funk jam! There's a MIDI controller built into the box, and the Mod Wheel also controls the filter..   Excuse the MDF box and marker pen labels - presentation was never my speciality! I think it fits the disgustingly mighty sound this monster monosynth creates!   Here's a clip from the reCyclotron 64's first outing last week at my Groove Night.. Enjoy the filthy sound of four SID chips running through an SSM2044, into a Roland Jazz Chorus, with some extremely funky British musicians!   And big up TK and Wilba for some awesome electronics x     Carl

    Looking for a seqv4 pcb to complete my project.   Anyone?   I realize these are rare right now. i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. ;)
  3. Selling my MB-6582

    Hi there!   Since I haven't got the time to play around with it, and it has been sitting there pretty much unused since I built it, I want someone else to enjoy this fabolous thing! :smile:   So: 100% complete MB-6582 (see attached pictures for colors) including 8x6582 chips (new old-stock) which is already in the unit. I also have an original C64 PSU which can be included if the buyer wants it - please note that this is the 230V european version!   This is the result of the first batch-orders of PCB's and panels.   I've put a lot of time into building and gathering the parts for this thing, so asking price is 6500 NOK (PayPal prefferable) incl. worldwide shipping.   Unit is working 100% without any noticable problems, but is sold as is, and are located in Oslo, Norway if there are any locals...     Let me know if you have any questions!       Lars  
  4. Hello,   I soldered the LEDs on a SEQ V4 panel and some of them keep glowing dim when they should be off and one is always glowing very bright. I checked for shorts but couldn't find anything. Then I changed the 74HC595s but I have still the same effect. Debugging is really difficult since I can always measure a voltage between the pins of the LEDs.   The config file is is a copy from here:   According to Wilba's schematic all of the missbehaving LEDs share a connection to Out14 but I could no find a shortcut between this line and other connections on the board.   The Track and Track Group LEDs are less bright if I switch on the step LEDs.   The power source I'm using is a Meanwell RTP-60B with 100kHz switching frequency connected to J2 and on Core STM32. Might there probably an issue with the multiplexing frequency or do you have an idea what could be the root cause? I'm quiet lost and don't know how I can effectively troubleshoot this issue.     Martin  
  5. Live setup

    Hertz live! ThanksTK!  
  6. inductionloop's MB-6582

    Finally got round to taking a couple of pic's, i love the sound of this synth, the step sequencer and mod matrix are fantastic. Really well documented, impressed with the quality of the MidiBox projects.
  7. Front

    Too bad I missed that last Waldorf knob buy, but it still looks pretty awesome, IMHO. This thing came out amazing. Thanks so much TK and MIDIbox for all your work on this. Thank you to the community here too, who helped me at each step of the way that I found a way to mess up. Seriously, I'm gonna get a lot of great use out of this box. I'm looking forward to trying another one soon.
  8. LCD

    I'm such a sucker for that blue.
  9. Back Panel R

    Still gotta get knobs for those filter pots.
  10. Back Panel L

    Here's the left side of the custom back panel. Had some fun with the mix out.
  11. Close up of 8580s

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know you all know what SIDs look like. So. Freakin. Cool.
  12. MB-6582 Inside

    The innards.
  13. Hello everyone, I have a pretty dumb question.  I have ordered 15 encoders for my MB-6582 control surface, and the shaft size is 20mm, however I'm not sure what the size of the knobs I order for them should be.  I assume they shouldn't be the same (as in 20mm) but I'm not sure.  I did a search around the forums to see if this had been asked before, and tried to compare other peoples builds to part sizes but couldn't find any for-sure answer.    Thanks for any help!