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  1. New eurorack modules in the house! :)

    From the album Hawkeyes MB stuff

    Finally...! :)  
  2. Using AOUT with Buchla 1.2v/octave

    As you probably know, the AOUT module is set up to support 1v/octave scaling, and that has been fine for me when I was using it with a Serge modular system. But I have been wondering how I could use my AOUTs with my Buchla-ish modular synth, which uses 1.2v/octave scaling. I contemplated building an opamp based solution, boosting the voltage a bit. But this seemed a bit of a hack to me, so I spent a bit of time understanding the opamp based outputs from the MAX525 DACs. I realised that by tweaking a resistor value I could get the AOUT to put out 1.2v/octave. I've tested this for a bit with two different oscillators (258r and 259r) and it seems fine for my uses. I'm no electrical engineer though, so if this mod blows up your rather expensive equipment I'm afraid you're on your own... That said, for any other Buchla users who want to use an AOUT to output 1.2v/octave, just change RY to 1.8K on any channels you want. That should give you the extra bit of gain required, and then you can trim it to 1.2v/octave. FWIW I usually use the MBSeqV4 app, then use the nice new calibration stuff to get things super accurate. I'm able to get submillivolt accuracy over the whole voltage range. Top voltage is obviously a bit higher in this case, almost 13v from my measurements. That seems to have been fine in my system, but YMMV. Also, I have set my AOUT so that V1-V4 have this tweak (1.8K for RY), and I use them for controlling Buchla oscillators. V5-V8 use the 2.2K resistor for RY still, and I use those channels for modulation CVs and to control the Serge oscillators which run at 1v/octave. All in all I'm most happy with this system and am glad I don't have to mess around with adding more circuitry. Hope that helps someone in the future!    
  3. FX Duplicate - monosynths>poly

    I want to use my MIDIBox Seq as a way to play four monosynths (using CV/Gate) as a polysynth from a MIDI keyboard. The manual says this can be done with the FX Duplicate but I have had no success after hours and hours of trial & error. I have G1T1 set to AOUT/1, G1T2 set to AOUT/2, G1T3 set to AOUT/3 and G1T4 set to AOUT/4.  If I put notes into those four tracks they play perfectly as they should. But when I try to route live MIDI notes in, I never get the monosynths playing the different notes. I am running ver 4.092 thanks for any help!  Andrew
  4. Lately I've been trying to use the extra functions of the CV-Gate out, specifically the possibility to send velocity with key values. From the manual: When I use AOUT - channel 9 I get key and velocity from the first two CV's out, as expected. But only gate #1 is triggering. When I switch to AOUT - channel 10, I get key and velocity from the second pair of CV's out: 3 and 4. And gate #2 is firing. What I expect is when I use AOUT - channel 9, is to get CV's from 1 and 2, and gates on #1 and #2. This is consistent through the whole range of outputs. All the other functions work exactly as expected, the drum gates and the clocks nothing wrong. I found this advise: And I've scanned through the entire config, but pretty much everything is standard. I use the Wilba Front panel with the AOUT-NG with the DOUT. Here is my HW-V4: Am I making a mistake assiging SR's? Or is it something else I'm missing?   Thanks!    
  5. D-Sub 25 output question

    Hi All, I have a question regarding the Dsub 25 output connector that I would like to use without the transmitter PCB, but with a Aout-ng and D-out. Do I need to use a seperate ground for every output or can these be shared in some case? I mean is the max 12 outputs total; using 24 wires or can i get more my sharing the ground? Thanks,   Cheers Tim      
  6. aout + dout

    From the album Seq V4

  7. Hi all, To make a long story short: I bought my mbseq second hand from someone who had it build for him. It was a basic version, with the wilba frontpanel. Fast forward a little over a year, and her I find myself soldering and designing. The mbseq turned out to be a gateway drug in the diy world of synthesis and electronic music. Thanks for that! :) Consider me a newb. But I've run into uncertainty on how to continue. I added the aout-ng module and the d-out module to my seq. They work as aspected, steady and all. i've even designed my own breakoutinterfaces to make it fit in the eurorack format with corresponding LED's to show the activity. It rocks. What I would like to know is, if it is possible to send only LFO's, or even envelopes over the CV outs? Doesn't matter if it costs me a track. I would like to use the tracks as more than pitch/note-converters and also send velocity or envelopes (AD, or ADSR) I've found the midi-CV project which states the sending of an env. or two LFO's. But I'm not sure how this translates to the seq. Running the latest firmware.   Looking forward, and thanks!
  8. YEAH! Weihnachten ist gerettet!! Muss jetzt nur noch jemanden finden, der sich um meine Kinder und Arbeit kümmert. Ich habe zu tun...
  9. MIDIBox CV with 15V PSU?

    I would like to use my ±15V PSU with my MIDIBox CV, at least for testing purposes. Can I use a 7812 and a 7912 based circuit like in the picture below or is this a bad idea?
  10. aoutsmd

    From the album Altitude's pics

    Max525 Aout module with gate buffer/adjustable level shifter
  11. Hello. I'm testing AOUT module, and I don't have the same voltages on all 8 channels. I'm using for 10k Rx resitor, precision ones with 0.1% tolerance (and I picked by hand the same values from a lot). But even with the same resistors, one chanell gives me 1.0v-2.1v-4.2v-8.4v, one 1.1v-2.3v-4.6v-8.8v, one 1.0v-1.98v-3.8v-7.8v etc. Any suggestions ?   I should test many TL074's until I find the right ones ?     Thank you.
  12. Hi all,   I finally realized that I will probably never get around to building these babies: up for sale are three AOUT semi kits consisting of   1x MBHP_AOUT_V1 board 2x MAX525BCPP 1x MAX6007BEUR   each.   The AOUT module provides 8 control voltage (CV) outputs with 12 bit resolution and 2 gate outputs. It is used by various MIDIbox projects to control analog synthesizers and/or FX gear.   All other parts that you'll need for fully populating the boards are easily available at Reichelt. Please note that these are double sided boards that follow the original layout exactly, except that you don't need any bridge wires. Asking price is 35,- EUR per semi kit plus shipping, or make me an offer - I think back then I paid 50,- EUR per pair of 525s alone...   I'll be travelling to Germany beginning of February, so for extra cheap shipping I could send them from there.   PM me if interested - ilmenator    
  13. AOUT problem

    Hi   I feel i ask a lot of questions on this forum, but i am very grateful for all the answers   I am currently building the AOUT (orig version) and i just finished the bipolar PSU, plus the board and tried hooking everything up to the my LPC1769 core   The LED lights up on the AOUT and i am running the AOUT tutorial, but i can't figure out if everything is working correctly. I have tried measuring the different outputs on the board with my multimeter but i get a constant reading of around -10v on all outputs, thinking this isn't correct   I am sending loads of different notes and velocity and i can't seem to get it to change values. I had first plugged it in without the bipolar PSU, but figured out that this was actually necessary for the tl074, so i am a little worried these might have taken damage? I think i will try to swap them out and test again and otherwise go somewhere i can measure with an oscilloscope instead.   Any ideas or experiences? I tried searching but couldn't find very much about the AOUT   Thanks again for all the help!
  14. Hi   I was looking for a straight up BOM for the +/- 12v PSU for the AOUT board, but i can't seem to find any, so i am trying to gather the components for myself based on the center-tap transformer mode   I was thinking this setup: Transformer:  Rectifier: 7812 and 7912 (pos/neg 12v)   But the caps i am a little confused about - in the guide it says a general rule is 470 uF per 0.1 ampere - the transformer will provide 2x167mA - Meaning something lik 2x470uF on both sides, so around 1000 uF caps - and here i need 1 electrolytic and 1 cheramic for pos and neg side before and after the 7812/7912 - correct? To sum it up: 4 x   and then 4 x cheramic/film non-polarity? I can't find any on reichelt with the right specs, they are all in pF which seems like to little (    Hope it makes sense - i am just a little confused with the cap values actually?    Thanks!    :smile: