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  1. Hi all,   I finally realized that I will probably never get around to building these babies: up for sale are three AOUT semi kits consisting of   1x MBHP_AOUT_V1 board 2x MAX525BCPP 1x MAX6007BEUR   each.   The AOUT module provides 8 control voltage (CV) outputs with 12 bit resolution and 2 gate outputs. It is used by various MIDIbox projects to control analog synthesizers and/or FX gear.   All other parts that you'll need for fully populating the boards are easily available at Reichelt. Please note that these are double sided boards that follow the original layout exactly, except that you don't need any bridge wires. Asking price is 35,- EUR per semi kit plus shipping, or make me an offer - I think back then I paid 50,- EUR per pair of 525s alone...   I'll be travelling to Germany beginning of February, so for extra cheap shipping I could send them from there.   PM me if interested - ilmenator