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  1. Hi everybody, After spending my weekend on reading and brainstorming about the MBFM , I have some ideas i would like to share =) First , i will talk about the Pros and Cons of the MBFM "V2.1" on STM32F4 made by Sauraen and Evolution of Control Surfaces. By studying the way Sauraen worked about FM synthesis and especially in his try to make MBFM evolve, i learnt much. Pros : His Control Surface is visual , advanced and you have quite quick access to parameters when you understood the thing . Driven by the new CORE32 , much fonctionnalities are available. Cons : His Control Surface is Messy and unoptimized at first sight . By making the design on his way "too quickly" and without documenting "well", Community isn't aware of all this amazing work . PCB design is still "modular" Many may not understand, but i think the STM32F4 Core is kinda useless here. CORE8 (with PIC) is well know and understood by the community,and has made its proofs on the "Driving Synthesis OPL3" thing. Do we really need the "overpower" of a STM32F4 ? I think the new CORE32 is more designed to support "heavyweight" applications and UI like RGB BLM, Sequencer etc... Driving 2 OPL3 modules with 2 CORE8 sounds good enough to me. Lightweight is great =) Edit : Due to some good advices , now Really Considering using CORE32 in a second version base PCB , "horsepower" is sometimes useful =) MBSID has evolved with a Control Surface from Step A to C . I think the current MBFM (1.4) Control surface is like a "Step B" . With MB-6582 , Wilba made a full compact All-In-One version of the "Step C" surface of MBSID : Well Designed PCB in 2 parts (Base PCB and Control Surface), designed to fit in a small case, "costless" Components and DIY friendly , Easy Assembly.  Everything you need to build the "sweet designed Synth" you ever dreamt of. I want to Build a full featured, nice to look and easy to use MBFM synth. I brainstormed a bit , and i thought that reusing Wilba design could be a start Based upon a screenshot of the frontpanel of the MB-6582 in frontpanel designer soft, i made a Control Surface Design "Step C" alike for the MBFM synth with some Photoshop copy/pastes. Then i opened the MB-6582 Base PCB and incorported good-sized OPL3 modules instead of the SIDs. I let you see. Some improvements could be made on the FrontPanel, like a shape for waveforms instead of numbers. But i think i didn't forgot too much. Waiting fo some advices before going further into that work =) Regards, JK
  2. Hi folks. I've build a MIDIbox FM years ago and had a lot of fun with it in the last years, but i've never taken the time to design the beautiful case that this synth deserves. It might have to do with the fact, that building something really cool would make the sausage casing more expensive than the sausage. However, in the last days i came to the conclusion, that now it's the time to build something nice and i started with it. Unfortunately i never made a professional designed PCB by myself, but this time the handwired strip boards i used with my projects in the past wont do the trick.Same goes fpr 3d design and cnc milling of the frontpanel, never done anything like this. Actually i'm in the process of learning KiCad and FreeCAD and as i quickly realized, there are a lot of other skills and knowledge i have to learn before. The goal is a 19" case with the extended user interface. The matrix row/column buttons of the original expansion design will be extended to a dedicated button for every single function. To make this work without having to change the code, i want to use DPDT tactile switches, which are really a rare breed out there. Here are the first results of what i've learned until now:
  3. For thoses interested in FM synthesis , I also have official OPL3 board from smashTV + YMF262 + 2x YAC512 for sale. Same thing, PM me for more details. Bests, JK
  4. MBFM YAC512/YMF262 Bulk Buy

    Hello All ! Currently working hard on MBFM things, I plan to order a bulk of YAC512 / YMF262 as well as is found a pretty supplier for brand new components. Initial quantities planned 100*YAC512 and 50*YMF262 . More on demand . Will make followings packs i think: - 2*YAC512+1*YMF262 for a single OPL3 - 4*YAC512+2*YMF262 for a double OPL3 Final price for each set not clearly defined yet, just taking the temperature. Feel free to tell if interested, Regards, JK
  5. guts

    From the album eptheca

  6. MBFM

    From the album eptheca

    Latest addition to the "ZX Spectrum MIDIbox family"
  7. CS back

    From the album eptheca

    Back of the control surface
  8. Hi. I'm trying to upload mbfm_v1 to pic 18f452. I was able to flash it with a bootloader and successfully upload mios8. But when i try to upload mbfm, it goes to 98% and stops with an error "Upload aborted due to error #4: Write failed (verify error or invalid address)". I'm using m-audio delta midi interface and 9V battery to power the core. I've tried to upload other application (midibox arp) and it works fine. Any suggestions how to fix it?
  9. MBFM project expenses log

    From now on the blog is going to be used as a project expenses and build log Up to date purchases for the MBFM project. 2 x sets of Yamaha chip sets 15.00 euros from Roger in Germany (Thanks Roger) (spare set of three in case I overheat any smd's) 1 x opl 3 kit 17.80 euros from Mikes 1 x core v3 12.99 euros from Mikes 4 x bankstick eproms 18.00 euros from Mikes 1 x bankstick pcb 2.50 euros from Mikes 1 x pic 18f452 10.70 euros from Mikes postage 15.00 euros from Mikes c64 psu 20.51 euros from ebay (dear postage because of weight) pay pal fees 2.97 euros Total so far 115.38 euros £101.21 gbp