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  1. midibox Cv V2 CS 04b

    From the album imp`s Zeug

  2. Calibrate

    From the album Antix MidiBox SID

    Testing the DACs
  3. hello, I'm trying to compile my own setup.asm file (J5 enabled+encoder+aout NG) in mplab 7.4 (pc version)   here is the result on my screen :   Clean: Deleting intermediary and output files. Clean: Done. Executing: "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPASM Suite\MPAsmWin.exe" /q /p18F452 "setup TORB.asm" /l"setup TORB.lst" /e"setup TORB.err" Error[108]   C:\MIDICV\SETUP TORB.ASM 2 : Illegal character ( ) Error[129]   C:\MIDICV\SETUP TORB.ASM 4 : Expected (END) Halting build on first failure as requested. BUILD FAILED: Wed Jan 09 04:28:51 2002     I don't understand why I've two errors. The Expexted END is not in the original .asm file downloaded on UCAPPS....   Any idea to help me compiling my config ? my midibox CV is ready to start ....but before I need to update and make and .hex file     thank you by advance for helping me :-)   W
  4. I know it's pretty old PIC platform, but perfectly useful and cheap (beside MAX525). Thanks to all you guys here for publishing your knowledge!