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  1. 64 Buttons Midibox

    Hallo Leute,   Ich würde mir gerne eine Midibox bauen auf der 64 Buttons sind. Sie sollen in einer Matrix angeordet sein (8x8). Das Ganze soll dann am ende wie ein Novation Launchpad fungieren (Bild von Launchpad ist angehängt).  Ich würde für die Buttons gerne diese Digitaster von reichelt benutzen;ACTION=3;LA=446;ARTICLE=7143;GROUPID=3280;artnr=DIT+1+WS. 1. Wie kann ich die Tastendrucke zu Midi wandeln? Also was für eine Platine etc. muss ich mir dafür kaufen? 2. Würde es mit den Digitastern von reichelt funktionieren? Das wäre nämlich wichtig wegen den hörbaren klicks. Danke für eure Hilfe  :happy:  :happy:  LG diyMA  
  2. Hi all,   I'm trying to configure my MIDIbox to work with FL Studio, and so far I've successfully mapped outputs from the box to control knobs and switches in FL. However, I haven't had any luck in sending feedback to the box to trigger LEDs to light up.   FL has a plugin called 'MIDI out' which allows you to send CC, RPN or NRPN bytes to an external MIDI device. My firmware has only been configured to switch LEDs in response to note events. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can take CC, RPN or NRPN bytes being sent from FL and translate them into note events so the LEDs light up on my MIDIbox?   Ideally, I'd like to configure FL so it sends out a separate CC for each LED (on channel 2, as 1 is used for my pots and encoders). A CC value of 0 would turn off the LED, while 127 would turn it on.   Thanks
  3. MidiBox 64 LCD problem

    Hi Everyone!   I have build my first midibox64 some time ago with a big help from igi, on the forum. Everything is working like a charm, i am controlling ableton with it.   It has 64 pots, 53 buttons, and no leds.   Now, what is bugging me. The LCD.    I am not a programmer, I dont know C, I have used precompiled Hex file and upload it into the midibox.   But I want now that LCD is showing little more than just numbers. I think that is possible, I have search trough the forums and didnt find how to get that.   I have put an image for you to see how my LCD looks:     I dont have any leds on the midibox but the LCD thinks that it does. This is probably because of the hex file.   Can anyone explain how can I change the look of LCD to be a little more fancy,  I dont use the LCD, but it would be great that he looks like I use it.           Thanks, Kike