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  1. Melodic Techno Jam

    This is an old jam from last year, before I had a mixing desk (everything is hard panned to each channel) and before I installed my custom shelves. Pretty basic, but I really loved that melodic sequence from the Minlogue. I thought it was really lush and uplifting.    
  2. Old School Rave (the commission)

    old school rave track :D
  3. with guest and techno jamsession  
  4. sferical substance
  5. Phatline - sonnwend  
  6. Live melodic techno performed in my studio 126bpm... Finally got my set done on the new sequencer SEQV4 and have made a vid... Still need to do some work on transitions and shortening the track length...    
  7. cosmosuave - Boom Chuck SEQV4rmix 126 BPM live hardware techno track recorded straight from the mixer no edits no post... This is the first track made with the MIDIbox SEQV4 which is an amazing sequencer... I am looking froward to making more tracks with it as I have barely scratched the surface on what it can do...    
  8. Minimal/Techno mix

    Made in Traktor using my newly completed MIDIbox. If you like please consider throwing a vote my way on fbook, as I've submitted this mix for Creamfields' mixmag competition.   Thanks