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  1. BLM 16x16 debug

    Hi, The great design of BLM 16x16 by Andrew is certainly too microscopic (smd) for a butcher like me! Andrew help me a lot for debugging some shorts. I made a lot of tests but the BLM doesn't work. the core is Ok , search for a Seq (send each second the same message in Mios Studio) but nothing happens when push on silicon pad (no light and no message in Mios Studio) .the core draw about 34mA (lab power supply) i never plug it to a Seq. i test with the minicore and a classic core with default :project.hex BLM_scalar 1.0a , no issue so i would like to check the SRIO chain SC RC SO with an scope but i don't know the procedure! how to check IC and shmitt trigger? Thanks Nico